Tuesday, May 18, 2004

THE BOX: 24: 1 hour, 1 vile

And then there was 1

Tonight Julia Milikan shot Sherry Palmer during the last few seconds of 24. The second bitch of the season to bite it, Nina kicked it long ago, that leaves hope that Kim might finally get her up commin's - for being the stupidest character ever - during the season finale next week. Although, that's highly unlikely seeing a majority of male viewers like the occasional eye candy.

Okay let's check in on the toll thus far:

Sherry Palmer
Julia Milikan
Alan Milikan
Nina Myers
Ryan Chapell

Not to mention a whole list of evil doers and innocents in the Chandler Hotel.

Keep in mind, Tony, who is now on trial for treason, took a bullet to the neck. Chase was violently tortured south of the border.

Jack... JACK... is supposed still suffering withdraw symptoms from a nasty heroin addiction, although this hasn't been touched on for hours except for a slight mention of it tonight.

Regardless, tonight was an excellent episode setting up the heartpounding final hour of 24.


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