Tuesday, May 18, 2004

THE BOX - The Death of WB

As if the loss of Buffy, Angel, and Dawson wasn't enough for the WB, it seams as if everything was in vain. WB's Fall Schedule is the weakest it's been since the before time, the long, long, ago, before the buffyverse was born (circa 1996).

WB is keeping their Monday and Tuesday night solid. Wednesday, where the Angel gap is, where Dark Shadows was to emerge or maybe even Wonderfalls, is a show called Blue Collar TV. OH... MY... GOD.... This is a show described as "a “Hee-Haw”-like sketch comedy show from Fax Bahr & Adam Small (“Mad TV,” “The Jamie Kennedy Experiment”) starring Jeff Foxworthy." If ever the acronym WTF deserved to be used, it surely is now.

In fact, the only 2 shows which remotely provoke my interest, Jack & Bobby, based on the Kennedy family and The Mountain from the O.C. team. Jack & Bobby is slated for Sunday night, which as you can tell from my earlier post, has no room for additional man candy. The Mountain is scheduled for Thursdays at 8 and since I don't give a flying F*ck about the character Joey, maybe I'll tune in... or maybe I'll find something more constructive to do. You know, like they did in the long, long ago, before the box.


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