Tuesday, May 18, 2004

THE BOX - The end of the Buffyverse as we know it, or Screw "Tru"

In a surprising turn, Fox also picked up Tru Calling for a second season. Now, myself being an Eliza Dushku fan (Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), I couldn't wait for this show last fall. That quickly changed. After 3 episodes, I had no desire to ever watch it again. Tru is weak and contrived and never evolves past the original gimmick: A girl is reluctantly forced into helping people with her unwanted super powers.

Although, in the hand of gifted writers, this gimmick can be used effectively... seen Wonderfalls anyone? In fact, for the brief two weeks that the 2 shows were slated back to back, it emphasized the utter superiority of Wonderfalls (created by Tim Miner of the Joss camp)and the mediocrity of Tru Calling. So what was Fox thinking? As my mother often said, it wasn't! The only remaining hope for the potential cult and critical favorite, Wonderfalls, is a WB pick up. If you were thinking UPN, think again. The network has stated it doesn't want other networks left overs (aka Buffy).

If that wasn't enough, this all impacts the evolution of Angel. Angel will end as we know it this Wednesday (tomorrow yo!) in an episode entitled "Not Fade Away." The WB's reincarnation of Dark Shadows - remember the NBC early 90's failed attempt to revived this brilliant show from the 60's and 70's - led to the brass at the WB staking Angel in it's 5th season. The WB should respect Vampires of the Buffyverse. Buffy brought them fame and acclaim long before Dawson, the Gilmore Girls, and Smallville. Respect your elders WB! Anyway, WB felt they couldn't have more than one vampire show at a time.

But, knowing the following and fan backlash, the WB doesn't want to Angel completely dead, they are thinking more of a hell dimension known as MOVIE OF THE WEEK. Angel is to end in a cliff hanger tomorrow night to lead the way for as many as 6 MOW's next season. One main character is already dead (Fred) and I'm predicting most of the "humans" will probably follow suit in the dark carnage filled season finale. Remaining would be the vamps - Angel and Spike - and the goddess Illyria to form the ultimate goth superhero team. But wait, there's more... Faith was supposed to return as the rogue vampire slayer. While the character Tru gets to relive days, Miss Eliza cannot... so with the renewal of Tru, the only inevitable conclusion is that Faith will live on only in DVD's and video games. Sadly we may never again to enjoy a box filled with Faith... so let's remember her the way we loved her - in leather pants with a bad ass quip.

So, how is all of this effecting the god of the Buffyverse, Joss, himself? He's to busy working on directing his first feature, Serenity, to care. I think I liked the old book Joss better.


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