Wednesday, May 26, 2004

THE BOX: The Final Countdown... 24's Day 3 comes to an End

Steven Saunders, this seasons big bad evil doer, is dead, Jack, the President, and Kim all made it through alive, and the world is still here. At least, until Day 4 brings an all new threat.

Last night, 24's day 3 came to an end. Jack contained the virus in a middle school teacher's lounge. Granted he had to chop off Chase's hand to get it there. Proving there is nothing this man won't do for "god and country." Tony, on the other hand, proved there isn't anything he wouldn't do to protect his wife. For that, he is being brought up on treason charges. The Miliken scandle came to an end as President Palmer withdrew his bid for a second term. In the last seconds, where Nina shot Terry in season 1, where Palmer was bio-attacked in season 2, Jack cried. Yes, that was the privotal and anti-climactic closer to day 3... Jack cried.


So, what does day 4 have in store? New president obviously. Nina and Sherry are dead so no first season throwbacks anymore. Ryan Chappell is dead so no snide order barking from division. Tony is apparently going to jail for a long long time if not being executed for treason (Palmer needs to exonerate him... I love Tony!). Kim got very little play this season, so, I'm looking for her to get lost in Afganastan or something of that nature next season. Chase is a hottie mini-Jack, and without Tony, is destined to be the new candy coated side kick. ... or so that's what I thought! PSH! According to Eonline, 24 pink slipped Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeda), his onscreen wife Reiko Aylesworth (Michelle Dessler), and James Badge Dale, Timberlake-esque Chase Edmunds. Cuthbert (Kim) has been dropped down to an even more minor character so she can work on films. (kill her off, please please kill her off!) Of everyone, Dennis Haysbert (Palmer) has not been fired. Oh no, is this yet another 3rd season peak (Dawson's Creek, Buffy, Angel, ER, The Practice, etc.) Oh well, here's to January 2005...


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