Tuesday, May 18, 2004

THE BOX - Going down to "Fleet Street"

While there is pretty much nothing on ABC besides the Oscars that perks my interest. As a former Practice watcher, I can't wait for Fleet Street, the James Spader "The Practice" spin off. Mmmm... James Spader.


In a world dominated by carbon copy criminal drama and reality drabble, the casted headed by Mr. Spader and including Cap'n Shatner is the only must see new tv that has me drooling like a hound dog for September. Fleet Street is keeping the Sunday 10 p.m. time slot, but unfortunately has lost any kind of Alias lead in because ABC is pushing it back to 2005. YO ABC... get a clue! When you are last and lost in network tv land, you don't push back your cult hit Sunday night staple staring the Jenny Garner, new darling of hollywood, for 6 nights of Extreme Makeover and a show called Desperate Housewives (aka a poor man's American Beauty). If there is anything that needs an Extreme Makeover it's ABC (not to mention the whole Disney conglom).

That said, personally I won't miss Alias because I'll be too busy drooling over Mr. D'Onfrio over on NBC's L&O:CI. Oh Sunday's will be divine filled with mancandy and actual WRITING.


At 1:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mancandy!!! No Michael Vartan on Alias!!! That's some missing mancandy. Oh well. I still have GOB.


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