Wednesday, May 26, 2004

THE BOX: A little bit of Buffyverse... and the Resurrection of Willow

While the Mutant Enemy (Buffyverse) writing team is spreading out, the best bit of news is that Jane Epson is leaving Gilmore Girls to join Tru Calling next season. While the stories may still suck, Jane will with no doubt ensure the writing will be witty and might even through in a little Buffy-speak... this news makes Tru "five by five." The crew from Ain't It Cool News has also reported the many whereabouts of numerous Mutant Enemy alums including Alias, Smallville, The O.C., The Sheild, and the unaired Still Life for fox created by the best and the brighest, Marti Noxon. There is also the homeless Wonderfalls as well. For a full list and details, visit the boys at Ain't It Cool.

For actual sunnydale action, the WB is still reportedly going ahead with Buffy: The Animated Series. According to Alyson Hannigan's mom in an Atlanta newspaper, Hannigan will reprise the role of Willow doing voice recordings after she wraps up her London performances in the West End. So long Americana and NBC..


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