Wednesday, May 19, 2004

THE BOX REVIEW: And then there was none, RIP "Angel"

With grace, beauty, and gothic pride, Angel came to an end tonight. So, to give credit where credit is due, this was the most powerful and brilliant Angel season finale ever, yes, ever. Fittingly, Joss saved the best for last. Dare I say this is best Whedon finale since "The Gift" which also capped season 5 of BTVS and the end of that shows run on the WB.


(Spoiler Warning)

The wolf, the ram, and the hart (Wolfram & Hart)- the all encompassing evil that manifests itself on this realm through law firms - brought down the thunder (and Dragons) as Angel and crew took out evil's brightest and best. As predicted, the non humans came through, Angel, Spike, Conner, and Illyria. Gunn, kind of made it, at least until the closing credits, but his wound leads our mind down the inevitable path of death. Wesley, in bravado that this rogue demon hunter rarely got to show, gave his life for the cause. In fact, it was the only ending fitting for Wesley Wyndam Price. Left with nothing to live for (a dead mother, and hateful father, and all loves now dead) Wesley goes head to head with the most powerful warlock this side of hell. To quote, he "craps stronger magic" than what Wes can muster. Making his last stand and accompanied by a final skull shattering punch from Illyria, the AI team won out. Wes left this plane in the arms of Fred (or Illyria's illusion of her) and knowing his part in the apocolyse is done.

***** (10/10)

Cliffhanger: Yes "Not Fade Away" left our characters in uncertain peril, but look at the series. Season 1 ended with Lidnsey's resurrection of Darla, Season 2 with the team returning from Pilea, a hell dimension with crazy Fred, Season 3 with Cordelia ascending to God status and Connor sinking Angel to the bottom of the Ocean, and Season 4 with the take over of W & H (Evil, Inc.) So, why change a formula that has worked so well before?

And for the Shanshu? Is it Spike or Angel.. Well, Angel signed off on the prophecy denouncing any role. That lets the window open for Spike, but then again, contracts signed in blood have to have a loop hole too.

The world is saved once again, right? Well, actually no. Angel initiated the apocalypse, (he's had practice before in "The becoming, part II") the battle wasn't avoided and certainly not won. That's in Joss's Serenity occupied hands now.

Amy had to let the Fred inside her die this year as she evolved into Illyria.

Future... after watching this season and saying good-bye to Buffy last year, the best course to keep the Buffyverse alive (really alive, not just fan fiction or plots I can imagine) is a feature film, Illyria. Let SMG and David go on to other projects. David especially has been working in this world longer than any of them, even SMG herself. Let the next generation take over. A brilliant story with Illyria, the leather clad super vixen, could exist successfully without needing years of TV backstory. To those of us who know the origin, it would ad familiar ties. Plus, look at the pre-existing fan base. To Illyria (and beyond)!


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