Monday, May 17, 2004

BOX REVIEWS - D-Dog Says Good-bye


Tis a sad day for me, but an oh-so-happy one.

So, finale review first or toasts and goodbyes???

I'll go with the finale then my retrospective


(Eh, why not?)

It remained consistently funny till about the last 10 minutes, which didn't mean there wasn't a few tears to be had in the first 50.

First off, my complaints: I have 2. Anna Faris and Paul Rudd. "Hi! Here have your babies!" "Hi! Let's have some kids!" Thanks for our paychecks. Bye. Anywho, it was probably good that they kept it to just the six of them.

Now the good:

The best part of this episode was truly Phoebe. My god, I think Lisa is the most talented cast member. She was just so funny. The whole phalange thing was great. And constantly wanting to make life a musical. Haha, now someone understands.

Second best was Rachel and Ross getting together. I loved the fact that at first she got on the airplane telling him no. But when she showed up at apartment.....

Anywho......yeah, Chandler and Joey hugging almost made me cry. And the final show of the frame, was, "perfection." I love the last line about going to get coffee. Perfection.


So the clip show was like nothing but "I LOVE THAT EPISODE!" for me!

Pretty much all my favorites were in there...

So now, everything I'll miss about friends:

-Smelly Cat
-Central Perk
-Gunther, Janice, Frank, Alice, Mike, Ursala, the Gellars, and the other friends-in-laws
-"I'll Be There For You" (you know you sing along and even clap at the right time, don't deny it)
-Phoebe's secret weapon: her sexuality
-all the weddings
-the backlash..yes..the "they are all white!! how can they afford that stuff?? its just a fad"..and suck on that, lasted 10 years
-the cliffhanger season finales
-the guest stars (Brad Pitt & Christina Applegate probably being the best)
-the love interests
-Jon Lovitz saying Tartlets
-Thanksgiving with Friends
-the competitive nature of Ross and Monica
-such as against each other when they are playing football, or against others when they are dancing during New Years....haha..they played that during the clip show and i lost it
-the girls and guys switching apartments
-the hilarious game that led up to that
-the "they don't know we know they know we know" ...probably best written episode of series
-Phoebe's dollhouse
-Mr. Heckles "I have to rejoin my dinner party"
-Ross's leather pants
-any of Phoebe's songs
-the blackout
-Chandler giving us a new way to sarcastically say things (Could that BE any clearer?)
-the chick and the duck
-Ugly Naked Guy (and the giant poking device!)/"Its naked ROSS"
-any battle of the sexes discussion, or actual battles
-Joey and Rachel's romance and its simple, yet realistic, outcome
-Monica's hair in Barbados (Sorry you broke up with the Supremes)
-the wedding dress episode
-the episode where winona ryder and rachel kissed, then phoebe kissing rachel to see what all the fuss was about
-Phoebe's pregnancy
-Monica talking about Easy-Monica's bakery
-Emily's rugby hunks (YUM!)
-Monica and Richard
-Monica proposing to Chandler (probably the all-time greatest FRIENDS kleenex moment)
-Joey's agent, Estelle
-the gang's mocking of Ross and his job
-Carol and Susan's wedding (long before the days of ellen and just jack)
-the hermaphodite cheerleader from long island
-the super bowl episode
-Monica's cleanliness
-Monica fainting when her wedding dishes break
-the one with the morning after - the episode i don't watch cause its so heartbreaking
-Rachel's dessert, the one with beef that Joey likes that Ross says "tastes like feet"
-Chandler fake-farting when Rachel hugs him on the 2nd to last episode
-Joey's head in the chicken
-Chandler in a box
-"I take thee, Rachel!"
-Emma & Ben were never major characters
-"How you doin?"
-Monica's picture of her grandmother with her friends at Java Joe's....
-and pretty much everything about the series....but...

Here are the 3 best things about Friends:

3. Prom Videos, Fat Monicas, and other Flashbacks or What Might Have Been's
(self explanatory)

2. Jennifer Aniston
Has television produced a brighter, more popular star in the past 20 years? I think not! From offscreen with Brad Pitt to the Good Girl, to Rachel Green on-screen. THE HAIR!!! The Rachel!! How many people can actually pull that off and look as great as her??? Not many, if any at all. And look back at her wardrobe. Jeez. Everything she wore was fabulous. But let's not forget Miss Aniston, the comedian. Long before she won her respect (and the much deserved Emmy) for Season 8's pregnancy, go back to season 4 and watch The One With the Fake Party where Rachel throws a fake going away party for Emily just to get Josh's attention. I love when she tries to play spin the bottle and dresses like the cheerleader. Then, in the Wedding Dress episode, when she suggests to Joshua that they get married...omg..her hand gesture and face kill me!!! She's the most popular of the cast for a reason. What a beauty! What a star!

1. The Chemistry

There's this magic spark between everyone on the show. You can pair them off any way, and its comic gold. That's it....

I think the show works best as a romantic comedy, like TV guide once sparkles like no other show...

So I did Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green....

Courteney Cox Arquette as Monica Gellar Bing...OMG.. how I love her! FAT MONICA is so hilarious.. I think after CCA put on the suit, she found out the character, and I've loved Monica ever since. The weird thing about her is that whenever I watch any Scream, I never think of Monica. When I watch Friends, I don't think of Gale. Most improved cast member of the years...

Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffet....Her delivery is impeccable... I think the best cast cast member of the series (if that's even possible to label)...Season 4 & 5 are so great for her...when she gives birth and says goodbye to the triplets...well, she most deserved those Emmy's.

Matt Le Blanc as Joey Tribiani...his soap opera scenes crack me up..."Smell the fart acting." .his daffy nature make the most endearing character on the show....Good luck with Joey, Matt....Him holding Rachel as she watches great! And the one where he buys the V edition of the encyclopedia, and Monica starts talking about the Korean War...

Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing...BING! Probably the funniest of the bunch, I love how neurotic he is in the first season to how he uses that to calm Monica down in the later years...these two are so perfectly cast....and Janice! Love the Mr. Heckles dying one..shows a real soft side.

David Schwimmer as Ross Gellar....all the weddings! I love when he jokes about how many times he's been married. And all the lesbianism jokes at the beginning. Ross is the perfect nerdy hunk, too! I love the one where Marcel swallows the scrable letters and Ross rushes him to the hospitol. and Marcel holds Ross's finger and the song New York Minute plays...

So now, I have to say goodbye to all those people. My favorite show is over. Long live syndication!!! Thinking about Thursday nights with all 6 of my friends makes me sad, but thinking about all the above things makes me so happy.

Lots of laughs, lots of tears....and they got the perfect ending....
I'm so glad they were there for me....sorta like friends...but actually, I think of those guys as my tv family.




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