Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Mahr champions PETA against the Evil Doing Doctors of Columbia U

Bill Mahr, formerly of Politically Incorrect, now of HBO's Real Time, and my personal hero, today emailed the employees of Columbia University. He condemned the pretigious school: "Tossing millions of dollars of tax money out the window is one thing—think searching for ice on Mars—but wasting money to cause strokes in, disfigure, and terrorize animals puts Columbia in an ugly and embarrassing position."

Regardless of whether you eat steak and potatoes or soy and tofu, whether you wear leather or fur, and if you believe hunting is cruel or humane, the situation occuring at Columbia is beyond reasonable debate. According to Mahr, "Poe in a morphine-induced nightmare couldn’t have dreamed up anything as scary as this." From in utero surgeries, to lodging metal rods through skulls, to enducing strokes by popping out eyes, these primates are enduring a tortuous hell that doesn't seem to benefit humanity in anyway besided giving us an outlet for violence.

These are not medical experiments to find cures for Cancer, AIDS, or an obesity gene. These studies are not performed to find life saving drugs or even somthing as superficial as testing cosmetics. They are done purely to satisfy the mind of a scientist with a question... Questions like, "Does stress effect a woman's mentral cycle?" Well, Mr. Mad Scientist, I, and many other woman, can give you answers and opinions if you ask. But you choose to run metal objects into skulls of ramdom primates instead. While sometime I get a debilitating headache, I don't really see the corrilation. How about giving the monkey 2 kids to feed, a deadbeat dad monkey, a run down apartment in the projects, and goverment system that believes everything is her fault, no job that could cover the cost of baby monkey care, and then measure the effects on her mentral cycle.

I guess assuming that we can love and respect animals is a little much, obviously we can't even love respect each other, yet. I can always hope.


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