Thursday, May 27, 2004

NEWS: Election Year Fear... Start Cowering

Whether Bush's numbers have dropped too low and he's trying to scare us, or our "intelligence" agencies really are that inept, be advised, it's coming.

5 months to go, and suddenly there is a solid and eminent threat against
America. Do I believe this administration is "Wagging the Dog"? Not at all. But, I think this is proof that partisan politics, the patriot act, and vicious attacks at liberals and non christians don't make us any safer. This week, Ashcroft announce that we should fear because 7 really really really really bad guys were here. It could be this weekend, 4th of July, or Election Day, but beware, it's coming. Aparently, it's so close and there is nothing that the FBI, CIA, Mr. Ridge, and the like can do... so instead, they now come to me and you. Help us! Help yourself! Save your country! Kill all muslims! .. no, wait, they didn't say the last one outloud.

Ashcroft made the statement that, "After the March 11th attack in Madrid, Spain, an al Qaeda spokesman announced that 90 percent of the arrangements for an attack in the United States were complete."

Chris Rock says that there are three kinds of people, the really smart people, the really dumb people, and most of the people in the middle, the b and c people, like our president. An oligarchy is sounding pretty good now, huh? It's those people, the B's and C's, that are going to bring this country down. They champion putting "a boot up someone's ass" (Toby Keith just won entertainer of the year!), they buy gas guzzling cars then blame enviromentalists for the cost of gas increasing. Now, I buy no means think that anyone should die, especially innocents. I'm an American, but I do not support my government. I am most definately an elitist, but still and American. That doesn't matter to the blindly angry. I am an American, whether it's me or W, it's all the same to the "evil doers". I don't think terrorists understand Red States and Blue states... and certainly not purple. They attacked New York as a symbol of America. New York, the most liberal, diverse, and tolerant place in our whole country. If they were concerned about who believed what, they would attack Alabama and California would be the safest place in the country. Let's stop finger pointing. Stop living in denial. Stop being a victim. Stop crying. Stop charging. Stop hating. Oust our leaders. Use the 8-12% of the brain God gave you. VOTE!


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