Wednesday, May 19, 2004

NEWS OF THE WEIRD: Paula Abdul, Forever Your Bitch

In a society dominated by litigious citizens, a lack of personal accountability, and the parental doctrine that we are all special, Paula "Hackneyed American Idol Feel-Good Judge" Abdul has popped up in two ridiculous stories today. According to E!Online Abdul is suing a nail salon over a "botched manicure that allegedly led to a severe infection." She claims that near nearly lost her thumb from the incident.


If that weren't enough E!Online is also reporting that Miss Paula apparently stormed out of Tiffany's because she couldn't afford a pair of $10k earrings and expected to be given them for free because of her "celebrity" status. When the manager firmly rejected her demands, she huffed and she puffed and in the long run, didn't get her way. Awe, poor C list celebrity.


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