Tuesday, May 18, 2004

POLITICAL RANT: Moore Still Muted in Bush's Deafened America

I may not agree with what Michael Moore says, but I will defend to my death his right to say it. Okay, well actually I do normally agree with Michael Moore, and I'm a republican. I love this country, but as a society, we only want yes men, we want to point the finger all the time, and we don't like to here anything criticizing ourselves. We are hyper emotional without having compassion. We are the most powerful and wealthy country in the world, but many of us can't afford medicine. We eat and then complain we are fat. We go to war and cut taxes in the same year. We call doctors murders, but consider capital punishment just. We truly are a country that wants it's cake and eats it too, even if it takes 10 credit cards to buy the same cake everyone else on our block has. We buy SUV's when we live in the suburbs then have the nerve to complain about gas prices. We are a country with weakening math skills which is obviously linked to our lack of logic. But who cares right, we're the greatest damn country in the world and everyone needs to "respect our authori-tay". I do love this country, but I hate my government. I believe that something always needs fixed and always needs approved upon. Isn't that the basic of the American Dream, nothing is ever good enough?

What I find most abhorrent, it that we are fighting for freedom in the middle east and promoting "American Values" abroad. At the same time, we are censoring our own artists. Michael Moore (Bowling for Columbine) has distribution for his latest emotional and political critique, Fahrenheit 911, all over the world, except for here in the US. Thank you Mickey Mouse! Once again, Florida is trying to interfere in an election year. Can we sell it back to Spain? I mean, do we really need Florida? I can live without Miami Vice, Mickey Mouse, and palmetto bugs, can you?

This seems eerily reminiscent of "The Passion of the Christ" debacle when it couldn't find distribution. No matter your feelings on "Passion," it is now one of the highest grossing films of all time. While Moore isn't Jesus, he's tackling and issue that the people in power don't want to be associated with, religion and politics. I hope and pray everyday that someone who believes in freedom of speech and who has a strong sense of morality steps up and is willing to give this film to the masses, but I understand this is capitalist country. There for, all opinion and morality aside, there must be someone willing to put up the money to get this film out there. If it were a documentary praising Bush... What then? Is this Rome? Do we kill our leaders, disperse our senators, and exile all thinker and portrayer of thought that would challenge the Emperor? Rome fell fast from Republic to Empire all playing upon the fear of citizens for the security of Rome. I would rather die than live in an empire under the house of Bush.

"911" opened in France this week... What's that say about our Freedom Fries?


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