Wednesday, June 09, 2004

ATTN: Darren... KIDMAN plans retirement


My good friend Darren, if you don't know him personally, has and idol, a goddess, a sexual fanstasy, a living doll of inspiration... and she is Nicole Kidman. I woke up this morning and flipped on the Today Show. I'm guessing Darren taped it, but if not... there is big news. She talked alot about retiring. Maybe that's why she works so hard now, turning out 2 or 3 pics a year. I have often critized her mothering skills. I mean, how good of a mother can you be when you're always on set. I've been on them, it's long hard work. Then again, I realized she's the "talent". So while the crew is struggling to the get the lighting just right, she can mother for hours on end. Regardless of her mothering skills, she stated how she loves acting but she gives so much to every performance that she she loses a bit of herself each time. In that retrospect, she wants to retire before she loses herself completely. When's her 40th birthday, Darren? You might want to start counting down the days.

Here are photos from what I consider Miss Kidman's greatest rolls. Darren will surely disagree, if only because I don't mention To Die For .

This photo is from the train station scene from The Hours. This single scene is the most powerful, poignant, and personally impacting scene I have ever witnessed. Her portrayal of Virgina Wolfe earned Kidman an Oscar.

From Frumpy to Fabulous... Moulin Rouge revived the musical genre in Golden Age Glitz and Glam not scene of film since My Fair Lady.


At 7:13 PM, Blogger djbenvolio said...

ok, darren, you can hate me all you want, but "to die for" was a bad, bad movie. i wasn't a big fan of "my own private idaho" either. "drugstore cowboy" wasn't bad.....but i just realized this is about your girl nicole, not gus van sant. bah. i am sorry indeed.

have to give props to my girl'll never see anyone hotter than parker posey in...well, anything. however i'd have to say she was the hottest in "sleep with me". her best acting, i think "the house of yes" speakes for itself.

i need to be done now because i have no energy for debate, nor did i ever picture posting anything resembling what i just typed.



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