Tuesday, June 29, 2004


So I haven't blogged in a while. Mostly because, believe it or not, I have nothing to say really and I've been uber busy in the office. This weekend though I took to domesticating myself one step further. It's quite odd, the turn of of idealistic anarchist artsy grunge girl, to self medicated bisexual club kid, to elitist ambitious superbitch, and finally to 1950's house wife? Okay, so in a very loose nutshell that my state of evolution over the past decade... oddly enough most can be determined by the men I surround myself with, darren, adam, dan, and now ben respectively.

Anyway, in my now housewifey phase... This past weekend, after becoming frustrated by clothing manufacturers designs that fail to fit my body, in well, all the right places... I remembered that most of the people my mothers generation and earlier made their own clothing. And my mom made all my clothes until I was about 12. Okay, maybe not all mothers and grandmother did this, but mine was a seamstress and I father managed garment operations, so I runs in the blood. So, I trucked off to the store to find fabrics, buttons, bows, and zippers to fashion myself a party dress. First of all came reading pattern notation for what all you need and what fabrics work for the designs and such... I didn't really understand it all. I could have called my mom for domestic advice, but she was at the beach getting tank with her friends and more piercings. At some point during the past decade, I think we switched places.

Regardless, how someone could spend all day sewing, baking, and cleaning house is mind numbing to me. First of all, how did it not drive women mad... but I guess that's what part of The Hours was about. After getting most of the way through my dress I decided to way for my mom to return for her advice. She of course critiqued my stiching and quality, basically, if my mother was the orson wells of fashion, i was roger corman.

So why am i rambling on about this stuff. I read an article this morning in the paper about how swimming and tennis clubs and country clubs are losing business and most are shutting down because people aren't interested in swimming anymore, because they have air conditioning. It's just not like the 60's according to the article. Okay, I love swimming. I love swimming so much on my lunch hour i swim laps at the gym beside my office. It's not because of the lack of interest in swimming, it's because of the lack of housewives. Okay, so I wake up a 7:30, meet ben at the restaurant by 8:15, have breakfast and make it to the office by 9:30. I then get home by 5:30 or 6:00 if there are no errands to run. If there are I get home by 7:30 or 8:00. I then eat dinner that Ben cooks, watch tv and sleep by midnight. I don't clean the bathroom, do laundry, or the dishes. I do all that stuff on the weekend. So when would I have time to go to the pool. I don't even have children. Factor them into the equation and there seams to be no time what so ever. So, unless the pools are open at 10:30 at night, I don't see how anyone besides school teachers, seniors, and children have the time to spend by the pool. My point, which probably got lost in this diatribe is, it has nothing to do with the love or apathy towards swimming.


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