Monday, June 07, 2004

THE BOX: Holy Baked Potato... Arrested ties up it's loose ending

What once was lost is now found. Last night, Arrested Development's "lost" episode made it to air, no thanks to constant prempting by Fox. Quite possibly the best of the bunch the episode pulled no punches, from low carbs to the Iraq war. The best plot turn this side of the first season of 24, has Michael Bluth discovering that his family business was building Sadams palaces. Now Papa Bear, is on the run to avoid "light" treason charges. October, and season 2, can't come fast enough.

Sidenote: The Arrested Development site on TV Tome, has a funny anedote from David Cross, Tobias.

...the scene in which the family gorges on high-carbohydrate foods (thereby abandoning their "Atkins" regimen). After each take, most of the actors spit the food into nearby buckets. The reason, of course, was that they wanted to avoid consuming the carbohydrates. David Cross noted the irony of the fact that the fictional characters eventually recognized the absurdity of obsessive fad dieting -- a revelation that somehow eluded the real people who portrayed them.


At 1:32 PM, Blogger mr gilbert said...

I love that AD took on the Atkins diet. I can't stand all this carb-insanity that this country is rife with, and I'm glad somebody made fun of it a little. My local bakery advertises low-carb bread. "Low-carb bread"!?!?!?!?! Who are they kidding?


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