Tuesday, June 01, 2004

POPCORN: Developments in Development

This is an exciting week indeed for potential powerhouse projects:

First, Reese Witherspoon is ditching the blonde ditz/period piece alternating routine of the past couple of years to produce and star in The Reckoning, a thriller about a female New York Times photojournalist who follows a team to Cambodia to recover the bones of lost soldiers. Angkor Watt, he we come!

Speaking of blonde bombshells, a girl power pairing of Charlize Theron and Boys Don't Cry director Kimberly Pierce are going to conquer The Ice at the Bottom of the World, an independent in the American South focusing on rednecks. No superfreeze special FX required.

Mad Max gets his girl power: As if Mel Gibson hasn't made Rome look bad enough, no wait, that's right, the Jews killed Jesus in The Passion of the Christ, Mad Max is set to take on Warrior, a film about Boudicca, the Celtic/Irish queen who took down Rome... at least on her island. I'm picturing Kiera Knightly's Guinevere. Destined to be compared to Braveheart, Warrior could be a great piece of mythical history. But, will Mel include a back story for this Gothic queen or is this just a film for the Irish? Get ready for blood.


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