Tuesday, June 01, 2004

POPCORN: Harvey the Hero of "911"

Harvey and brother Bob Weinstein have paid Disney $6 million for all encompassing rights to the controversal Michael Moore doc, Fahrenheit 911. Things are looking up for a July 2nd release date. The only problem is that Moore message might get lost in the summer shuffle including Spiderman's web in a weekend he has staked his claim upon. While offering effective counter programing, "911" isn't out of the water yet. The Weinstien's have 1 month to find a distributor, open markets, and manufacture the prints... not to mention generate public awareness. Surely, Fox news will generate enough heat to get the word out. The right wingers are already starting to crucify Moore's film. At this point, Lions Gate (the rescuers distributors of Dogma) look key to take on the responsibilities... hopefully it's not too late.


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