Wednesday, June 02, 2004

POPCORN: It's Fireworks for Fahrenheit... Finally

In a deal secured between Lions Gate Films, IFC Films, and the brothers Weinstein's Fellowships Adventure Group (a temporary shingle established for the soul purposed of distributing F911), we have a release date! June 25, fireworks are gonna fly, the critics with critique, and the pompous self important commentators will release their opinions with headlines like "slanderous", "treason", "traitor", and "sleazan?" And we thought The Passion of the Christ was fun... In fact, I suspect, that many theaters will be filled with Bushites rallying ammunition for the impending debates. No matter what you think, you won't be able to escape the battle of opinion. Get ready to feed the flames as this summer heats up with Fahrenheit 911.


At 4:48 PM, Blogger mr gilbert said...

Hey Angie...nice to see you've joined the blog-o-sphere. Good stuff.

I read about the distribution deal this morning too, and supposedly they managed to set-up to release wide on over a 1000 screens - which I was impressed with. Disney is so stupid. They already funded the damn movie, and it's obviously going to have a cultural impact that will put butts in the seats, so they're morons for bailing on the basis of partisan politics. Are they that worried about Jeb taxing Epcot back to the stoneage? Or are they just lousy businessmen? The word "suck" comes to mind...

At 5:19 PM, Blogger mr gilbert said...

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