Wednesday, June 02, 2004

POPCORN: JT reups his lease on Rent

It's on it's off and back on again. Being the hottest musical to hit broadway in decades is one thing. Transfering that to the screen in another entirely. Rent was a musical for a generation, like Hair or Jesus Christ Superstar, and now it's back on track to ensnare all those Gen Xer's back into the theater... this time on the screen.

Moulin Rogue and Chicago proved that musicals don't have to be for blue haired ladies dying to see Phantom, Les Mis, or Cats. Chris Columbus (Home Alone) is currently set to direct the rejuvinated piece with more promise of reinvention. Jumping at the chance earlier in his career, Justin Timberlake's rising star might just earn him the pary he's been desiring for so long. Justine Timberlake went from boy band to Pop Prince in one foul swoop, Justified. His solo album, live performances, and stand out hosting duties on SNL this past season, has proved JT has grown up and is more than Britney's curly haired bitch.

Mr. Timberlake has made it known for sometime that he wants to take on the role that earned Adam Pascal a Tony... and why not? His presence would bring a whole new generation to a story and production that charged the hearts and minds of so many less than a decade ago. Now, if only Taye Diggs (Chicago) and Jesse Martin (Law & Order)could get their original groove back and on... and maybe a little love for JT's rumoured bride, the Divine Cammie D, we could step into a whole new Season of Love. Yeah, you know it!


At 1:42 AM, Blogger varms said...

Thank goodness he wasn't in Rent.


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