Wednesday, June 09, 2004

POPCORN: Jumping Jehovah, Regal steals Icon's Passion


Apparently, Regal Entertainment Group (Regal Cinemas, United Artist Theater Circuit, etc.) is being greedy with Jesus's money. According to numerous sources,Mel Gibson's Icon entertainment is suing the exhibitor for $40 million dollars of Passion money yet owed to Icon. I see it now, during this weekends showing of Harry Potter, Mel and his "disciples" run into theaters throughout the county knocking over registers, screaming sacrilege... he might even sing a little ditty from JC Superstar while he's at it. After all, it's Blood Money! If I were REG, I'd pay up. The man has proven he's not afraid of using the press and manipulating religion to create hysteria. I hope the CEO of REG isn't Jewish, Arab, Shinto, Buddhist, Hindu, or even a woman for that matter. Break out the crosses, it's time for a good ol' corporate crucifixion.


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