Wednesday, June 23, 2004

POPCORN: Mock this Uneducated Conservatives

For the third time this week, I heard yet another person use the term mockumentry in referance to F911. Theses Bush supporting columnists and comentators use this title siting that Moore simply used this film to further his own political agenda. To those conservatives I would like to say... WELL DUH! Of course he did. He isn't pretending to present a non bias interpretation of the facts. Moore is sternly anti-Bush. But, just because he uses his art form to further a message he strongly believes in doesn't make this a "mock-u-mentry".

Documentries use non fiction footage to tell a story. The director or creator decides what story he wants to tell before he starts filming. Hopefully his vision slightly changes or grows as he learns things along the way. If there is no story, there is no film, there is no point. Documentries are an artistic expression, they are NOT non bias journalistic video pieces. Some directors might choose to attempt a non bias movie, but there will always be an opposing opinion. I'm sure many revisionists consider the numerous holocoust documentries pure Zionist proganda.

A mockumentry is a fictional and often comedic film shot in the style of a documentry. The definative genre piece is Spinal Tap. Christopher Guest has gone on to define this genre with brilliant improv skills of his friends including the films Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, and most recently, A Mighty Wind. A different take can be that of the Blair Witch Project which was marketed as "real" to amp up the fear factor when it was clearly false. If F911 was a mockumentry, it wouldn't be using real footage of president Bush golfing. This are real images. It would most likely take a Bush-a-like (might i suggest Will Ferrel) and purposely put him in slapstick situations with befuddling improvised dialogue. F911 is not that movie.

Before you bring out your "expert" perhaps someone in the news business to refute my defination, I studied and am degreed in film. Documentries are film, not news. The same rules, the same criticisms of bias, do not and should not apply.

Simply disagreeing with the subject matter of a documentry or even the validity of the point of view of a documentry does not make it a Mockumentry.


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