Wednesday, June 16, 2004

POPCORN REVIEW: Getting "Saved!"


While not quite a rip roaring rampage, Saved! was overly adequate entertainment for a storm plagued Monday evening. I must admit that my own propensity to fall for gay men and the absurb religious dogma of my own family had something to do with my enjoyment of this film.

Saved! has one of the best precipitating incidents in recent history: Mary (Jena Malone), A devout popular girl from a christian academy, becomes pregnant after Jesus, in a vision, tells her to save her gay boyfriend by having sex. Throw in some sexual tension between Mary's mom and Pastor Skip, some devient activity between a cripple and and the school's lone jew, and some uber bitchy Mandy Moore... and the result is a hour and a half of beautiful satire and entertainment.

Yes, it had the cliched teen movie climax at prom. And granted, the payoff is kind of overly sappy, "Why would God makes us all so different if he wanted everyone to be the same?" But, in the pro fundementalist movement of the day, anything with reason is welcomed.

Saved has some great performances from Jena Malone and scene stealers from Eva Amurri. Saved also proved a much better "adult" performace from Mac than Party Monster which was kind of ick.

I'm sure this film will offend alot of people who are too uptight. Most of them are probably sitting in the White House or on the Dover Area School Board. Either way, if you haven't be subjected to bilical trivia pursuit after a penn state football game and lots of turkey on Thankgiving or attended more than 3 vacation bible schools during the course of one summer... it might not mean as much. But in the words of that great american poet Homer, "it's funny cause it's true."


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