Friday, July 30, 2004

HI John Kerry!

While it may just be the cynic in me... don't you think the folks over at MSNBC could have grabbed a better photo for the front page of their site?

Maybe something slightly-i don't know-less reminiscent of of a mass murdering megolmanic, maybe!?!

I would write a witty caption, but... i'm stumped. Feel free to comment if you have one.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Magic Tickle A. Dazzel & Deacon Dr. Ben Flava bring in the Pimp


A. Dazzel here with the answer...

Brought to me by my beloved... here is an entertaining link for those of you lookin' to get into Big Pimpin'.  Everyone needs a handle... it might as well be a Pimp Handle.

...and That's Why They Call it Show Business

According to an Associated Press report posted on MSNBC, the federal anti-trust regulators okay'd the merger between Sony and BMG (Bertelsmann Music Group).  Last week, the EU also approved the merger of the German based BMG, "Despite concerns from independent music companies, European regulators determined there was insufficient evidence that the 50-50 joint venture would harm consumers."

With the merger occuring within the next couple weeks, Sony and BMG issued statements detailing their motivation for the merger, declining CD sales and the threat from illegal downloading on the Internet.

The obvious downfall for musicians and independent labels is the fear the merger will make it even harder for indie artists to breakthrough the mega conglomorates tight hold on the industry.  In a post merger landscape, there would be 4 companies controling over 80 percent of the world music market: Sony-BMG, Vivendi-Universal Music Group, AOLTW - Warner Music Group, and EMI Group.

Which once again brings me to the point that we need Studios that care about films, we need Music companies that care about music, we need News groups that care about delievering unbias news.  And as far as the "harming consumer" arguement goes... who is willing to stand up and argue the detrimental effect of lack of plurality?  Will consumers be harmed by price fixing, inflation, etc?  The decided effect is no.  The only harm the regulatories question is money.  The $ is the only sign they see.  Although to be historically accurate and blunt, the music industry has been known for price fixing since it's infancy.  Do you really think $18 for a new cd was worth it?  Probably, and you paid it, right? But, was that really a "fair market price"?  At least now, prices have somewhat dropped to around the $12-$15 range on new releases unlike the pre-Napster days when I was in high school.  The only seaming way to combat the congloms is to rally as a generation around quality and not what we're fed.  If you looking for some great music that doesn't fit the cookie cutter sounds of today, it's out there and accessable through the internet (check out my friend Jon's Blog).  Of course, once a following develops, bands and contract are bought up by the congloms, white washed, glossed over, and distributed to the masses.... (Liz Phair - In the end does it matter who brought you to where you are now, or are the legions of pre-teen girls plenty swell enough to maintain your chosen life style?) Remeber, Jimi Hendrix was a one hit wonder.  What would the congloms have done with his contract?

 The point... which I think I digressed to far from, is that we are "harmed" maybe not in our wallets, but in our souls.

We as a public and our goverment, have allowed, NewsCorp, AOLTimeWarner, General Electric, Viacom, and Sony to dominate all of our media be it music, film, tv, news, or even print.  And what a dysfuntional family it all is when the news outlets criticize the music or film products... when everyone pretends to be objective.  What chance does that give art anymore? 

At least the de'Medici family cared.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

THE BOX - Time to Get "Real"

Returning from it's Spring/Summer hiatus, Real Time with Bill Mahr premiers Friday at 11 p.m. as Bill welcomes filmmaker Michael Moore, Ralph Nader, Rep. David Dreir, and former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell.  As the Campaign of 2004 heats up, Bill Maher and his guests analyze the Democratic convention; and the minds and motives of George Bush and John Kerry.

If you've never caught an episode of Real Time... start.  It's yet another reason to pay that minimal fee for quality HBO entertainment.  Bill "Too Truthful for Disney" Mahr was booted from ABC's line up because his show, Politically Incorrect... was, well, too politically incorrect.  A blend of Jon Stewart (comedy) and Bill O'Reilly (strong opinions), Mahr is an independent liberal who doesn't back down from issues.  He's proud to drive a hybrid and is quite distainful of the Bush's.  The show offers lively debate featuring guests such as Ann Coulter, Howard Dean, Dennis Miller, Tommy Thompson, Russel Simmons, and more.  Bill's guests include independents, conservatives, and liberals from all walks of society including pundits, politicians, entertainers, and more.  No topic is to hot or off limits during the panel discussions.  Earlier this year Bill tackeled the enrivonment, obesity, Iraq, The Passion of the Christ, the FCC and more.

No matter what your opinion, watch a show where you're welcomed to share it.  And never tune out with catching Bill's New Rules segmant.  To celebrate Bill's return, I thought I'd share my favorite New Rules Closing.  This segment is from September 26, 2003... the finale of Season One and the lead in to the California Recall.

"..And finally, New Rule: Lay off California! 
You know, the rest of America has been having quite a laugh at California’s expense lately. But let’s remember this: California has a lot of people.  And the reason it does is lots of other people in other states saying, “Fuck this, I’m outta here!” And then those people come here to California, and people ask them, “Don’t you miss the winters?” No, strangely enough, I don’t. Much the same way I don’t miss slamming a car door on my hands.

Make fun of California, but if it weren’t for California, East Coast rappers would have to shoot musicians from Branson. If it weren’t for California, there’s be almost no TV, and you’d have to come home at night and actually talk to your family.

You know, the rest of America feels about California the way the rest of the world feels about America. They hate us because we do what we want. They think we’re too blessed and too free, and it makes them nuts in the dreary hovels of Kabul and Tikrit and Lubbock, Texas.  They pray to their threadbare gods that we’ll get what we deserve. But it won’t happen. Because you never know what we’re going to do here next.

We elected Ronald Reagan and Jerry Brown. We’re home to Disney and Hustler, the Partridge Family and the Manson Family.  We can drink a Mudslide and a Sex on the Beach during an actual mudslide while having sex on the beach! Our farms feed the world, and Calista Flockhart lives here. We have bears and great white sharks. And even our washed-up actors are allowed to kill one blonde chick. We invented surfing and cyber-porn and LSD and the boob job. And if we didn’t, who would have.

We have oranges, free oranges, everywhere. What grows on the trees in Scranton, fucker?! We have a real hockey team named after a hockey team in a movie! Our Indian casinos could kick your Indian casinos’ ass. We give our illegal aliens driver’s licenses. And we have a guy running for governor who digs group sex.

Would anywhere else in America trade places with L.A. or San Francisco in a piss-soaked New York minute? You bet they would. Because I don’t recall anyone ever writing a song called “I Wish They All Could Be Rhode Island Girls”! ."


On a "Keeping Tabs" note...
Designer Donatella Versace checking into rehab for a cocaine addiction she's reportedly been battling for years, per the New York Post.

This woman... cocaine?  Are you sure?  Anyway.  As a self proclaimed fashionista, Giani Versace was the real talent in the family... but Donetella always seamed so fun.  Now I know why.

POPCORN: Developments in Development

Due to the lack of any interesting news in the past week.... Here are some development updates from the trades and various internet sources to wrap your brain around.  Anything that looks promising is in green.  Enjoy.

Annapolis: "Jordana Brewster  and James Franco for Walt Disney Studios. Justin Lin is helming the feature about a boy from the wrong side of the tracks whose dream of attending the U.S. Naval Academy becomes a reality.

Courtney Crumrin: Regency Enterprises and Fox 2000 Pictures have optioned Ted Naifeh's "Courtney Crumrin" series of comicbooks to develop as a potential fantasy franchise. Series follows a teen who must contend with being a social outcast at a snobby new school while simultaneously moving in with her warlock uncle and learning how to harness magic. 

Nine Lives: Helmer Rodrigo Garcia has seduced a big-name cast for indie drama "Nine Lives". The story is a series of vignettes, offering glimpses into the lives of nine women, played by Kathy Baker, Amy Brenneman, Elpidia Carrillo, Glenn Close, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Holly Hunter, Amanda Seyfriend, Sissy Spacek and Robin Wright Penn. Additional cast includes Stephen Dillane, Dakota Fanning, William Fichtner, Jason Isaacs, Joe Mantegna, Ian McShane, Molly Parker, Mary Kay Place, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, Miguel Sandoval and Aidan Quinn.  

Nowhere Men: Ben Affleck for Disney in the adventure feature "Nowhere Men." The ensemble adventure is described as "Ocean's Eleven" meets "Men in Black."

Smoke: Gold Circle Films has picked up supernatural thriller spec "Smoke," the story of a physically abused dancer who flees her home for an apartment complex where she has premonitions of a tragic fire.

Soul Mates: Columbia Pictures has acquired the pitch "Soul Mates" by Luke Greenfield, who also will direct. "Soul Mates" is described as a romantic comedy that charts a relationship between a man and woman who fall in love in high school. The film chronicles their ups and downs over many years, showing how these two are destined to be together, though life and timing keeps them apart.  ... This has potential as we saw in Harry Met Sally for comedy and The Way We Were for Drama... they gotta bring something new to the table.

The Girl Can't Help It: Fox 2000 and Forest Whitaker are teaming to remake the 1956 comedy "The Girl Can't Help It," which starred Tom Ewell and Jayne Mansfield. The music-driven original followed the story of a talent agent (Ewell) who is hired by a mobster (Edmond O'Brien) to turn his musically challenged girlfriend (Mansfield) into a big star.  ... I wanna see Cameron Diaz as the star (think the karaoke scene in My Best Friend's Wedding).

The Legend of ZorroRufus Sewell is joining the cast of Columbia Pictures' "Legend of Zorro," the sequel to "Mask of Zorro," in which original cast members Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are reuniting with director Martin Campbell.

A Little Trip to Heaven: Julia Stiles will join Forest Whitaker in psychological thriller "A Little Trip to Heaven." The production starts filming in Iceland and Minnesota in mid-August. The script, about a dead scam artist with a million-dollar life insurance policy.

Chasing the Whale: Twentieth Century Fox-based Regency Enterprises has made a deal with John Stockwell to rewrite and direct the casino drama "Chasing the Whale." Story is set in the world of high stakes casino gambling, in which "whales" -- big betting players like billionaire gambler Kerry Packer -- can lose millions on any given night.

City of Men: Helmer Fernando Meirelles' O2 Filmes is developing a sequel to multiple Oscar nominee "City of God." Lensing for the sequel, titled "City of Men," is slated to begin in 2006.

Die Hard 4: "Twentieth Century Fox has hired Doug Richardson to rewrite "Die Hard 4," which is being developed under the supervision of star Bruce Willis. Richardson will be rewriting a script by Mark Bomback, who redrafted a pre-existing Fox script called "World War"

Family Portrait: Gold Circle Films has optioned the Graham Masterton thriller "Family Portrait," with J.T. Petty to adapt. Story concerns a corrupt clan who have achieved immortality via a magic ritual that allows their souls to remain trapped forever within an ancient painting.

Find Me Guilty: Vin Diesel will star in "Find Me Guilty," to be directed by Sidney Lumet in New York this October. Based on a true story and scripted by T.J. Mancini and Robert McCrea, pic concerns a mobster who refuses to play the rat and instead defends himself in court.  Lumet, thumbs up, Diesel.. thumbs down.  Who knows what this will deliver.

Skinny Dip: Mike Nichols has bought screen rights to "Skinny Dip," the new novel by Carl Hiaasen ("Strip Tease"), and intends to direct and produce the adaptation. The story is about a crooked bureaucrat/biologist in danger of losing his lucrative business when his wife finds out about his pollution scam. So he tosses her off the back of a cruise liner, far out in the Atlantic. Unfortunately for him, his curvy wife is surprisingly buoyant, and floats on a bale of marijuana until she is rescued by an ex-cop.

Tennis, Anyone?: Donal Logue has spent his hiatus making his feature directing debut on "Tennis, Anyone," an independently financed comedy. The black comedy is set in the world of celebrity tennis tournaments, where the stakes are small and the battles are bitter. Logue pulled double duty, appearing in the film along with Kirk Fox, Jason Isaacs, Paul Rudd, Stephen Dorff, Henry Thomas, Greg Lauren, Danny Trejo, Kylie Bax, D.W. Moffett and Noah Wyle.

The Tortilla Curtain: Kevin Costner and Meg Ryan will team in "The Tortilla Curtain," the story of two families, one wealthy and experiencing suburban angst, the other illegal immigrants from Mexico trying to make a new life for themselves.

Trophy Wife: John Herzfeld to direct for Universal the thriller "Trophy Wife." Story revolves around an executive at a powerful global bank whose seemingly unstoppable rise to the top is derailed when his mistress and his wife conspire to destroy his career.

Book of Skulls: British screenwriter Terry Hayes is teaming with director William Friedkin on Paramount Pictures' "Book of Skulls." The "Dead Calm" writer has been hired to adapt Robert Silverberg's sci-fi novel for studio-based Alphaville. The psychological thriller follows four college students who discover an ancient book containing the secret to eternal life -- except that it comes with a price. - One the players alone, this has excellent potential.

Man About Town: Rebecca Romijn-Stamos is in negotiations to be the woman to Ben Affleck's "Man About Town." Mike Binder is directing from his script. " Town" is the story of a top Hollywood talent agent (Affleck) who seems to have it all. But it all starts to unravel when he finds out that she is cheating on him and his journal has been stolen by a journalist who could expose him. - They've seen The Player, right?

Mr. Woodcock: Billy Bob Thornton has signed to star in the New Line Cinema comedy for helmer Craig Gillespie and Bob Cooper's Landscape Pictures. The script centers on a young man who returns to his hometown to stop his mother from marrying his old high school gym teacher (Thornton), who made life a living hell for him and many of his classmates. - The title alone has me rolling...

Pretty Persuasion: Director Marcos Siega has started lensing the indie dark comedy "Pretty Persuasion" with a cast that includes Evan Rachel Wood, Ron Livingston, James Woods, Jane Krakowski, Christopher Meloni, Selma Blair, Danny Comden, Jaime King, Stark Sands, Elizabeth Harnois, Adi Schnall, Michael Hitchcock and Robert Joy. Described as Election meets Heathers the project is a comic satire about a high school girl (Wood) who turns her exclusive Beverly Hills private school upside down when she accuses her English teacher of sexual harassment.  - This is a definate must see!

The Guided Man: "Saved!" writer-director Brian Dannelly has boarded Sobini Films' romantic comedy "The Guided Man." A modern Cyrano story, "Guided Man" is a romantic comedy about an introverted guy who comes to rely on a new service that allows someone to see, hear, feel and speak through him in order to give him confidence around women.  


Friday, July 23, 2004

THE BOX - Bravo for Celebrity Poker!

Okay, so with the lack of L & O reruns on Thursday nights, the boy and I have settled into watching Celebrity Poker at 9 p.m. Thursdays on Bravo. The main reason we kept watching was the host, Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall, News Radio) who makes whatever he touches even better or at least funnier.   

Due to lack of internet access this week, I was unable to add a reminder post to check it out this week of all weeks.  Lucky for you, there are still chances to catch this fantastic episode.  Last night's game featured Will Arnett, Jason Bateman,  David Cross, Peter Facineli, and Judy Greer...

 One of these things is not like the other... one of these things is not the same! 
Okay, so if you read The Brain Drain, The Big Ticket, or DKME... you'll notice one thing in common.  We all LOVE Arrested Development and agree that you, if you are not currently, need to watch it!

It was interesting to see these kooky cats out of there AD roles, especially Arnett.  Everyone else I've seen before in something else.  I won't blow who wins, but it is one of the two I was personally rooting for.

POPCORN: Bob the Musical

  Emma Caufield gets her rocks off spontaneously belting out "Bunnies" from Once More With Feeling. 
According to Variety, Disney has announced Bob the Musical based on a Groundhog Day premise of an average man trapped inside a musical.  I've already seen this play out called Once More With Feeling, done by Joss Weadon and own the soundtrack.  But, hey, Disney isn't known for it's originality, more for stealing other ideas and putting a glossy spin on it all.  I doubt there will be dancing demon's in this version... but Disney did do Hunchback with singing dancing gargoyles, so who knows what they'll do next.  Regardless, the musical will burn out much faster than it took to resurrect.  As with westerns, science fiction, fantasy, and any "genre" piece, a great film can revive it, but many cookie cutter studio grab and dash projects kill it again.  Here's an idea... how about we make GOOD films not just one's that are conceptual and easy to sell to an ignorant public.

POPCORN: I Heart Darren

Darren can be or mean many things to me.  Darren can be one of two stars of Bewitched (watch the film next summer!).  Darren can be my tragic teenage love story.  Darren can be the ruler of The Darren Keeny Movie Experience and one of my bestest friends in whole wide world.

But the Darren I Heart at this moment is Darren Arronofsky.  The director that definitely earned his "film by" credits with Pi and Requiem for a Dream, has been announced as the director of The Watchmen, a DC Comics adaptation.  Arronofsky's post Requiem projects of Batman: Year One and The Fountain have become trapped in "development hell" leaving us Darren-less.  Although this past spring, it was announced that Hugh Jackman would be stepping into and reviving The Fountain after Brad Pitt drop out to pursue Troy, so there is hope for the post matrixy sci fi vision of colonial latin America and the fountain of youth project yet.  Not being a comic connoisseur, I have no idea what The Watchman is about, but Arronofsky is one of the most visually powerful directors that owns and transforms the script to screen.  Requiem didn't have powerful writing, it was the acting, cinematography, editing and directing that made it great.  Here's to getting one of these films in the can!

Here's a tidbit from the Joblo Article:

Confirming the internet reports, it was confirmed today that Darren Aronofsky will direct and produce the live-action adaptation of Alan Moore's seminal graphic novel THE WATCHMEN. ...Moore promised after the abyssmal LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN that he would never again option one of his comics for the big screen but unfortunately for him, he agreed to the WATCHMEN movie before that.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

POPCORN: The Creepiest Thing I Ever "Saw"

Picked up by Lions Gate at a film festival this year... Saw has been brought to my attention by word of mouth (Thanks, Chris).  This horror film has been compared to Se7en for obvious reason after you watch the trailer.  Se7en is the primary reason I went to film school.  Fight Club is the reason I stayed. 
From the general buzz, Saw is aparently balls to the wall next generation home grown American horror.  For you horror fanatics who have been looking to the far east for thrills and chills in leiu of any quality domestic product (are you listening Jessica Biel & Michael Bay), Saw is apparently your answer.
From the few teaser trailers that are out there, I can honestly say these are the creepiest trailers I've ever seen, EVER.  

See for yourself:  Saw, How F*cked Up Is That?!?

POPCORN: Happy Trailers to You (July)

This is the second edition of Happy Trailers.  Every month I will try and remember to update links to newly released or newly discovered trailers.  Some of these trailers are for films that look good and some are for films that mostly will be bad, but the trailer is great regardless (I'm primarily talking about Exorsist here).  Okay, well those with cable, dsl, or too much time on your hands... enjoy! 
A Home at the End of the World 07.23
Exorcist: The Beginning 08.20  
Wimbledon 9.17
Friday Night Lights 10.15
Finding Neverland 10.22
The Aviator 12.17

and my personal favorite of all the trailers from the past month...

Kinsey 11.12

If you missed it, check out last months trailer recommendations.


POLITICAL RANT: Get Over the Girlie Man Thing Already

For those in need of Balls, check out Amazon... they sell everything!

Okay, so at some point out in CA the Governator called the Dems who are blocking his current whatevers "Girlie Men" in obvious reference to the Arnold deprecating skit on SNL in the early 90's.
Was the Governor unprofessional and out of line?  Perhaps, but he's not your normal governor... unless you live in Minnesota (Hi, Jon!).  But, what is more offensive is the whining display of pathetic weakness that the democrats sunk too by accusing the Governator of homo phobic remarks.
Get the F*ck over it!  By being so catty the Democrats in their sanctimonious defense of an inability to take a joke have solidified their "girliness".  This whole situation reminds me of Dramatic and Visual writing classes in college.  When boys (gay and straight boys mind you) faced harsh criticism they lashed out at the professor, student, or whoever it was that bruised their fragile tormented artist ego.  When girls were criticized, they cried.  (I don't think I ever did either, thank god.) Both responses are quite childish and unprofessional and wouldn't fly in a meeting outside of NYU undergrad workshops... Oh except in CA legislature.
Arnold is just the boy lashing out at those who think he is inadequate and the democrats are just girls crying to whoever will boost their self esteem.  Both are pathetic.  I am thoroughly appalled at the lack of common sense, general professionalism, and all out balls that people seem to have lost.
I don't have children yet, but how am I supposed to teach them to debate and attack the issues, not the person.  How am I supposed to say name calling is wrong, work towards a beneficial compromise.  I'm too young to be so disillusioned.  Everyone in power is acting like kindergartners.  I am issuing a time out for everyone in California.

THE BOX - Who doesn't want an Entourage?

Sunday night the new series Entourage premiered on HBO.  I don't know what I was watching, but I wasn't watching HBO.  Monday, a normally bleak night of TV for yours truly, is often reserved for numerous L & O reruns between USA and TNT.  Last night, TNT premiered The Grid which I had absolutely no desire to watch.  I get enough terrorism from Fox News and Jack Bauer. 
Anyway, while flipping through the hundred of digital cable channels I have and still not finding much, HBO caught my attention with a hilarious new show... It was the pilot of Entourage.  Granted this HBO, home to the best comedies (besides Arrested DevelopmentThe Simpsons) on TV with Curb Your Enthusiasm and Sex and the CityEntourage seems to pick up where "Sex" left off, except in LA, and except with boys, and the boys are 20 somethings not 30 somethings... okay, so it's not really picking up at all except filling a vacant time slot.

If you aren't tuning in... START.  I'm so happy I caught the pilot.  After 3 1/2 years at NYU, a summer in LA with an agent in training, and a best friend trying to put his acting skills to profitable use without selling out... this show hit much closer to home than Sex ever did.  And I was a single (sometimes even desperate) professional lady in Manhattan... but $500 manolos... sorry, I went to NYU.  I can't afford those.
The most memorable performance and role in the Entourage pilot came from Jeremy Piven ("Old School," "The Larry Sanders Show").  Piven plays Ari the cliched CAA/ICM/WMA agent trying desperately to manage the career of an up and comer played by Adrian Grenier.  (I affectionate referred to him as... hey isn't that the boy from that movie with Clarissa and the Britney video?). 
Where a show goes from the pilot is always up in the air, but for at least a half hour Monday night, I felt like I was back in the dorms at NYU with my best boys and their roomates... Nostalgia, great and pathetic all at the same time.
Entourage airs a new episode Sunday nights at 10 p.m. with repeats throughout the week.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

THE BOX: Angel Season 4 & More Love for the Buffyverse


I was just thinking the other day to myself, hmmm... I wonder when Season 4 of Angel is coming out. As I logged onto Amazon, there it was under "Your Recommendations". Yes ladies and gents, mark your calendars for September 7th (Baby, that's just in time for our anniversary, hint hint)

Okay... what's with the cover art for this season (the green one). Boreanez and Carpenter look like celeb impersonators of themselves. And these two are on every season's cover as you can see. Buffy's covers rotate the back ground to reflect who the major characters of the season are... for instance the introduction of Dawn, Faith (Eliza Dusku's leather pants wearing slayer persona) and even Black Willow gets her cover due. I want my Karthiser/Conner please.

Okay, I digress. I've only been embracing the Buffyverse for the past couple years. Without a doubt, Season 3 of Angel is the strongest, tightest, saddest season of broadcast television, possibly ever. It's just damn brilliant. To follow that up with Season 4 which is plagued with dirty little rumors about a knocked up star vs bitchy creator bout that supposedly seriously altered the planned story arc... and don't forget just north of LA in Sunnydale the world was ending! So, it seams that Season 4 of Angel is destined to go no where but down... at least that's what I anticipate. All I really know is that Karthiser and Carpenter got it on and beget "The Beast". See, only bad things happen when you bed the enchanted son of the vampire you're in love with. (Confused? Watch season 3) I only caught bits and pieces of 4, normally Faith-centric due to my man's overwhelming urge to see Eliza in leather pants... can you really blame him.

ON A FANTASTIC NOTE... Mr. James "I would do extremely naughty and down right dirty things to you if only given the chance" Marsters has commented that Joss approached him about doing 1 of a series of 4 Buffy TV movies (don't know if it would be WB or UPN). Aparently it's a 4 part all or nothing deal each revolving about specific characters... assumingly, they would all intertwine. Marsters, unlike Boreanez & Geller, loves his cult fame and has declared he will milk his Spikedom for all it's worth. Has anyone every thought of Spike and Dru: The Muscial or Blondy Bear and the Mad Vampire Nun? We know James can sing and Juliet Landau is psychotically irresistable as his nutty sire and sex kitten: Check Em out... they did date for over 100 years.

POPCORN: Luscious Lindsay as "Lady Luck"

According to Variety, Lohan is nearing $7 mil payday for the Petrie-helmed comedy "Lady Luck".

Lindsay Lohan isn't a mean girl anymore -- she's a rich girl. The star of pics including the Mouse House's 2003 sleeper 'Freaky Friday' and this year's Paramount pic 'Mean Girls' is in final negotiations for a payday north of $7 million to topline 'Lady Luck' at New Regency and 20th Century Fox.... vist Variety for more.

And since I brough LL up, might I add that I believe she has stolen the identity confusing temptress crown from Angelina Jolie. LL is the new girl so hot that even straight (and sometimes Mean) girls can't help but be sexually attracted to her. A well endowed, 18 year-old, naturally red headed millionaire... she the walking personification of a wet dream... at least all most of my Xs'dreams anyway.

POPCORN: Casting Couch News

McDormand gets some 'Class': Frances McDormand is in negotiations to join Charlize Theron in the Warner Bros. Pictures drama Class Action. The Oscar winners are currently teamed up on Aeon Flux for MTV/Paramount Pictures.

Affleck got squished while crossing the Road:
Ben Affleck has "fallen out" of Glory Road for the Walt Disney Co. and Jerry Bruckheimer. According to HR Online:

Sources indicated that his departure had to do with his deal -- not the $5 million payday but the backend points. To be directed by James Gartner, 'Glory Road' follows the true story of college basketball coach Don Haskins, whose all-black Texas Western team won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship in 1966. The filmmakers and studio have already started checking the availability of a replacement and may have zeroed in on an actor, which sources say is Josh Lucas, to take over the coaching duties.

Any day Affleck gets screwed is a good day for me. He's nothing more than the asshole from a Kevin Smith movie that housewives went a little too gaga over back in 2001. Oh, and HE CAN'T ACT either!


Anyone who knows me also knows how much I hate reading. I know alot about literature, and the stories, the authors. etc. - but I hate fiction. I just don't have the attention span for it.. go ahead and blame it on the MTV generation. But, I can also watch 8 straight hours of The Stand and not blink. Anyway, there are 7 books that as a child, adolescent, teenager, and still as an adult that I take very seriously. So seriously in fact that I dreamed of making them into films one day... The Chronicles of Narnia. I in fact used to want to name my eventual daughter Narnia. When Harry Potter hit the screen with the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone, I figured this is the perfect time for "Narnia" to make it to the screen. The problem, the amount of money to finance the project in a worth while manner would not be given to a 21 year old girl fresh out of film school with not much under her belt as far as directing cred. But, I pulled out my books and started writing, adapting, making notes from casting to costumes, to themes and camera angles. And then, in one foul swoop, Walden Media and Walt Disney crushed my dreams. My only wish is that the film tanks and turns out so horribly that no one will wince when I, as an established film maker, undertake the task of the film 30 years from now, no one accuses me of sacrilidge. Well, the cast has been announced... and even a snap shot published.

According the the New Zealand Herald:

The actors are: Georgie Henley, 9, from West Yorkshire, who plays the lead character Lucy; Skandar Keynes, 12, from London, who plays Edmund; Anna Popplewell, 15, also from London, who plays Susan; and William Moseley, 17, from Gloucestershire, who plays the eldest brother Peter. They are joined by James Cosmo, who played Campbell in Braveheart and Mr Renton in Trainspotting, has been confirmed for the role of Father Christmas. He will join the other cast members so far named: Tilda Swinton (the White Witch), Dawn French (the voice of Mrs Beaver), James McAvoy (Mr Tumnus) and Rupert Everett (the voice of The Fox). It was also announced that Jim Broadbent would be The Professor.

How does this compare with my dreams... Nicole Kidman or Angelina Jolie for the Witch, Stanley Tucci for Mr. Tumnus, Sean Connery as the professor, and for the Beavers, I always pictured the Billy Crystal character from the Princess Bride dressed up like a beaver... the girls from the picture somewhat mesh with my mental images... but Peter is the warrior hero king of the movie (think a teenage Aragon). What's with lumpy?

Stuff It Duff!

Okay, so it is highly possible to go from a cute, sweet, blonde, hollywood child star and evolve into a talented actress and hollywood powerhouse... Example:

But, Hillary Duff, you are not that person. No, unlike Fox News I'm fully aware that I am not "Fair & Balanced". A line was drawn about a year ago, you're either for Lindsay or for Lizzie. I ask myself, who was I most like as a teenage girl... LL. Who was my best friend most like? Definately LL. And, if given invitations to two different parties on the same night, who's would I be sure to attend... LL's. Duh! Okay so I have established myself as anti Duff and seeing that her hit is entitled "So, Yesturday", the door is open for so many bad puns, but I'll refrain.

It seems Miss Duff wants people to pay attention to her and feels the need to comment on Mary Kate Olsen. I'm thinking all of this is misscommunitcation and no one told Mary Kate that skin is no longer in! (Buy a Vogue why don't you?) Regardless... this is what the self declared pop princess had to say:

"It's the pressures put on young celebrities. You open a magazine and it's all about someone being too skinny or too fat, no longer pretty, having the wrong hair color or not making it into the most recent popularity poll. (I don't) pretend to know what Mary Kate is going through, but I can understand a bit of it on a certain level. As a young celebrity, there are times when you feel your life is being controlled by so many other things that eating is the last thing you really do have some control over." Duff then comforted her worried fans saying about any personal anorexia: "I love food too much. I eat sensibly, but I do love to eat."

WOW that's a relief. I can now sleep at night reassured that Lizzi isn't starving herself. In fact, she's quite into stuffing food in her mouth and LL's ex into her... No wait. Nevermind, those were just evil rumors. Duff's too good for that.

And as for a comment on Miss Mary Kate... Anorexia, Bulemia, and more commonlly derivatives of the two are very common, personal, and serious disorders. A month in "rehab" doesn't help that. It takes counseling, understanding, and making peace with your body and the food you put into it. Now, if you have a cocain habit, a month in detox can do wonders. It's not going to make you stop doing it or more importantly, stop wanting to do it, but it will clean your blood stream out and make facing every day "hardships" with a sober mind a little easier. What does this prove? That no matter if you grew up in a trailer park or one of the richest girls in the world, life can be hard... but it's hard for everyone. That's what growing up is all about, Mary Kate.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


To my 3 or maybe 4 loyal readers and anyone else who randomly ended up here at the brain drain. Because of my mini vacation the beginning of the week, the template and side bar will be updated to refect next week. I know it's out of date, so don't tell me that :0)

And, now that I've seen f911, bush has hopped through my neighborhood, and I've relived my 3 day vacation for this year... the brain drain will get back to what it does best... opinionated, arrogant, often elitist, and sometime superficial babble.


How I learned to Party likes it's my Birthday...

...even though it's not my birthday.

No wait, hot damn - it was my birthday. Okay, so instead of recounting the same tale again and again and again to each and all who ask... this is how I spend the big 25.

FRIDAY: Getting Hammered, Nailed, and Screwed after President Bush.

So a couple weeks ago I received VIP invites to both Fat Daddy's and to The Hardware Bar to celebrate my 25th birthday. Obviously an advertising ploy to get women to show up to their respective establishments, I couldn't resist the promise of free stuff. Yes, I am that person. So I took Ben and Bob as my birthday dates to The Hardware Bar (also home to the Girls Gone Wild PA film crew) where I got an ugly t-shirt that declared "I got Hammered, Nailed, and Screwed at the Hardware Bar for my Birthday". No amount of martinis in the world would get me to put that crappy t shirt on. On the other hand, I sported my sparkling pink glittery birthday hat with pride... If just for a moment or two. My other special packages were filled with a bottle of malt liquor with the brass balls to call itself champagne. One gulp and I have declared this the worst "champagne" I've ever tasted. So, I passed it to Bob for his judgment who conquered. Ben then killed was was left of this liquid violation. So through the bar and down the stairs and through the club into the back room onto a couch we went. I tried a new martini, and for the first time in nearly two years, became quite intoxicated. The bar sucks, the club really sucks, the lounge not so bad, and the French Martini... to die for. After chatting for a minute or two, I stumbled up the stairs to play some skee ball when... there it was... the mythical machine that Ben has told me about, but I had never seen... The South Park pin ball machine. I had never attempted to play pinball while drunk, but I figured it couldn't be worse than when I was sober.... and actually I was pretty good. A few games of skee ball later and Bob delivered Ben and I safely home where I quickly went to sleep all before midnight. A sign that adult hood crept on me suddenly (kind of like a few boys I've known :0)


SATURDAY: After waking up with a feeling I didn't quite recognize (a hangover) Ben and I were off to Berks or Bucks county PA. I always get them confused... you know... the one where that M. Night fella shoots all his films. Okay, well we drove through Reading which I am officially deeming the porn capital of PA and made it in one piece to my aunts country house. The day was spent relaxing pool side with the fam. Starting out with some fantastic cold cuts for lunch, blue crabs, roast beast, potatoes, sweet corn, melons and more followed at dinner. By this time, at least half of the family was "hammered, nailed, and screwed" on their alcohol of choice which made for some interesting annotates. I also was tossed around the pool by my uncle attempting have me dive from his shoulders. The day ended up so fun and exhausting that we never made it to the strip club that evening as my uncle promised.

SUNDAY: By this point I was one of the few people in the house not nursing a hangover. I woke up in the hay loft of the barn house to a near empty home. Everyone had gone shopping... So I went out to the pool... lofts and pools are a luxury not enjoyed in our downtown studio apartment. Then came brunch... starting with my baby's now famous French crepes. I then ate a red tamale, a green tamale, (I love tamales)a bowl of strawberries, a mimosa, and bourbon grilled pears. This mini vacation/birthday was turning out to be the best I've eaten in way too long. Pulling ourselves away from the party, we made the quick skip through Philly an onward to New Jersey... New Jersey, the only state that let's you in for free but charges you to leave. After making and then checking in to our casino hotel in Atlantic City, we rushed down to the beach to catch the afternoon sun and tide. Now, after floating in the Pacific... the Atlantic is like muck diving. I remember trips to Wildwood/Cape May/Ocean City/Atlantic City shores before, often during the 80's and most recently on the way home from my college graduation. I had NEVER, EVER, EVER seen a beach so dirty disgusting and nasty. I tried to pretend the sea grime wasn't there... I'm pretty good at denial... and hey at least it wasn't medical waste. But the denial aspect soon failed and we briskly made it back to the room and into the casinos.


Granted, I'm not really one to review a casino seeing that Bally's is the first I've ever been too. The Wild Wild West casino kicked some serious ass. Granted, the first machine Ben popped a couple of quarters into he won $40. Not a bad start. We decided to walk around and check out the surroundings. We ended up in Caeser's where Ben played a machine randomly and won $50. Lucky Lucky Lucky. I was not so. So we had a nice dinner (batter grilled onions!) and nightcap with the monies that we (ok, Ben) won. I love a good onion, not to mention chicken wings. And alas, after our Russian waitress finally brought us a bill for our nightcap, we quickly retired to our room for some much needed sleep.

MONDAY: And then there was rain.

Okay, so when one hears "scattered thunder showers" at least in reference to humid July mid Atlantic weather, one expects... Okay, so I thought that meant brief yet really intense rains throughout the area most likely in the later afternoon. Why does it always, always, rain when we go anywhere. After tanking the last of my gambling monies, we were on the road again headed back home. By the time we reached suburban Philly, visibility was down to about 2 white dashes of the highway lane lines. And we had to cross the Walt Whitman bridge. For any who do not know Ben, he hates suspension bridges... Severely phobic. But he survived the daunting crossing and so did I, only to find out the road in Philly were flooded from the rain. Drop after drop pounded and pounded and pounded until finally we came to Valley Forge and I had had enough. We sought refuge, and lunch, at King of Prussia (PA's version of the Mall of America). I dragged poor Ben through Pottery Barn and the designer sections of Norstrom's to see the pretty things not available to me in my hometown. About 2 hours later, we finally made it home... and back to work, reality, and York.

I have to rate this birthday a 10/10 and probably my best since my 21st back in 2000. 22 I worked a 16 hour day at the movie theater in the mall. I don't remember 23 so that in itself says something. 24 was spend shark watching at Baltimore... where again Ben and I were victim's of torrential harbor storms. So, I couldn't have had a better birthday... Okay, well if I would have hit the wheel of fortune slots for 1.7 mil that could have made it better... but all in all life is good.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

42nd STREET: Musical Mania

Besides My Fair Lady and anything by Bob Fosse, musicals have often left something to be desired in my opinion. Normally, anything by Andrew Lloyd Webber I can live with out. This week two high concept musical ideas have been announced, and one of which might actually get me up to 42nd street for a muscial for the first time since... since... Phantom I think?
While Most sources are reporting that Marvel wants to adapt a webslinging tuner, I find the following report much more appealing:


BUT WHO WILL PLAY THE KNIGHTS WHO SAY NI? David Hyde Pierce, Tim Curry and Hank Azaria tapped to star in Spamalot, the Mike Nichols-directed Broadway version of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The musical debuts in March 2005.

Now that a pairing of commedic genious if i've ever scene one. Granted, I would love to see Anthony Stewart Head in one of the roles... One because he's British, Two because he makes my heartache and my knees go all squiggly when he sings, and third because I never had the chance to see him in the West End production of Rocky Horror. Ironic that just this past weekend, we got a desire for the Holy Grail and watched all the riotous maddness for the first time in too long... To see it on broadway next season, I can't wait!

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Second Thoughts: Conserving PA

I thought that I would add that I was shocked and proud to see the immense turnout for Fahrenhiet 911 in my hometown of York, PA. The theater was filled with the young and very old. Young being 18-24, and old being 65-90. There were a few, but not many, in between. The woman beside me kept yelling "Shame on you, Mr. Bush" throughout the whole movie while the man behind me commented that "I didn't know there were this many democrats in York." For the first time in my life, I started to have a little faith in my home town. Known as THE republican strong hold and most conservative county in PA, I figured that there would be protesters or Republican party reps set up outside the theater (ala The Passion) to counter the views of film. There was nothing. As it turns out, they, with many of the baby boomers, were over at the republican headquarters standing in line to see W who's making his appearance here in York PA this Friday. I mean, if you're trying to convince the country that PA likes you, and you're Bush, you come to a town which is debating EVOLUTION right now! The party made it known that only Bush supporters would be allowed into the arena and that Ashcroft and the SS were doing thorough background checks. Lucky for me I'm a card carrying Republican. But, last time I checked, he was my president, too. I didn't vote for him, but he represents me in the eyes of the rest of the world. Shouldn't I have that right to see him... to listen to him? Regardless, I don't have a chance to go heckle him on Friday due to work isses. But, I at least would like to know I could if I wanted to.

POPCORN: Burn Mother F*cker, Burn!

Okay, Okay... I know it's been over a week since I've posted, but I'm a girl with a life. Anyway, this holiday weekend I experienced the Triple Crown of fire... Apartment Fire, Fireworks, and Fahrenheit 911... all with in 24 hours. Well, the man, the cat, and myself ecsaped safely from our smoke filled apartment caused by an old range and smoldering oven mit. The fireworks were bright and accompanied by too much traffic... and then there was F911.

So obviously, if you have read this blog you know my general political thoughts and that this was one of my most anticipated films of the year (after Alexander). So... what did I think?

The Film: Regardless of all the hype, I'm looking at this as a documentry, as film, and seperating it from it topic and target for a moment. To be direct, the structure was weak and voice over confusing. Bowling for Columbine and Roger & Me are both far superior documentries. Fahrenhiet is a weak highly emotional essay. Like in a heated arguement, it's hard to get your point across cause words are just flying out. Good essays state a point, follow up that point with supporting details and facts, and again, reiterate the point. Fahrenhiet was sometimes about W, sometimes about HW, sometimes about the BUSH's and the Saudi's, and sometime about the Iraq war.

So, add in a highly emotional, and for myself personal, topic to this delapidated structure and you have a film that deals with the alledged corporate coruption of the Bush administrations to the fall out of 911; this film was all over the map. Moore was a prosecutor that wasn't sure what crime he was trying to proove.

The Politics: Everyone finds it impossible to seperate this film from it's politics which shows the lack of logic our media and officials have. Politically, if you criticize this film, you are criticizing our soldiers and the memory of 911. You are also a Bush-lover. If you applaud the film you're a liberal with a bleeding heart agenda seeking to profit from the death and distruction of many of our citizens. Polarization, is not good folks... The world is simply a shade of gray... of good and bad intertwined. Personally, I do not feel that Moore went far enough in taking Bush to task. In fact, I think more should have been concentrated on the man in a coherant manner... hire the editors from Criminal Intent. They, in only 1 hour, can tell a complex story in a way that even my office cohorts to get it. I only followed Moore's stream of consciousness plots because I've heard and read theses ideas, facts, and accusations better explained before. Moore tried to stuff too much into 2 hours.

The Good: Believe it or not from what I've written so far, I did like the movie. I actually felt a tear or two working up... granted I didn't bawl like a baby like in the train station scene from The Hours, but hey, I'm a tragic girl with tragic dreams. The film was filled with brilliant bits, in fact the weakness is only in the merging of those bit that a better editor could have helped with. The film was filled with the poingant - The Blackness over the sound design montage, the absurb - Ashcroft's musical moments, the heartbreaking - the mothers, Iraqi & American fearing for their son's lives, and the enraging - Bush doing NOTHING as the planes hit the towers. I know I left the theater angrier at Bush than when I walked in, but I wasn't sure quite why.

The most brilliant aspect of this film was Moore's use of music, from the opening riff of "Cocaine", to the music montages of Iraq, to the haunting background score. This film was the best use of music... okay, well since Kill Bills... Anway, it was damn good!

Over all, the film is worth seeing. Through the structural issues and jumbly plot a film comes through that is directly from the heart of one patriotic American that you can tell, still loves his country but hates his president... Can you blame him?