Wednesday, July 14, 2004

THE BOX: Angel Season 4 & More Love for the Buffyverse


I was just thinking the other day to myself, hmmm... I wonder when Season 4 of Angel is coming out. As I logged onto Amazon, there it was under "Your Recommendations". Yes ladies and gents, mark your calendars for September 7th (Baby, that's just in time for our anniversary, hint hint)

Okay... what's with the cover art for this season (the green one). Boreanez and Carpenter look like celeb impersonators of themselves. And these two are on every season's cover as you can see. Buffy's covers rotate the back ground to reflect who the major characters of the season are... for instance the introduction of Dawn, Faith (Eliza Dusku's leather pants wearing slayer persona) and even Black Willow gets her cover due. I want my Karthiser/Conner please.

Okay, I digress. I've only been embracing the Buffyverse for the past couple years. Without a doubt, Season 3 of Angel is the strongest, tightest, saddest season of broadcast television, possibly ever. It's just damn brilliant. To follow that up with Season 4 which is plagued with dirty little rumors about a knocked up star vs bitchy creator bout that supposedly seriously altered the planned story arc... and don't forget just north of LA in Sunnydale the world was ending! So, it seams that Season 4 of Angel is destined to go no where but down... at least that's what I anticipate. All I really know is that Karthiser and Carpenter got it on and beget "The Beast". See, only bad things happen when you bed the enchanted son of the vampire you're in love with. (Confused? Watch season 3) I only caught bits and pieces of 4, normally Faith-centric due to my man's overwhelming urge to see Eliza in leather pants... can you really blame him.

ON A FANTASTIC NOTE... Mr. James "I would do extremely naughty and down right dirty things to you if only given the chance" Marsters has commented that Joss approached him about doing 1 of a series of 4 Buffy TV movies (don't know if it would be WB or UPN). Aparently it's a 4 part all or nothing deal each revolving about specific characters... assumingly, they would all intertwine. Marsters, unlike Boreanez & Geller, loves his cult fame and has declared he will milk his Spikedom for all it's worth. Has anyone every thought of Spike and Dru: The Muscial or Blondy Bear and the Mad Vampire Nun? We know James can sing and Juliet Landau is psychotically irresistable as his nutty sire and sex kitten: Check Em out... they did date for over 100 years.


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