Tuesday, July 20, 2004

POLITICAL RANT: Get Over the Girlie Man Thing Already

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Okay, so at some point out in CA the Governator called the Dems who are blocking his current whatevers "Girlie Men" in obvious reference to the Arnold deprecating skit on SNL in the early 90's.
Was the Governor unprofessional and out of line?  Perhaps, but he's not your normal governor... unless you live in Minnesota (Hi, Jon!).  But, what is more offensive is the whining display of pathetic weakness that the democrats sunk too by accusing the Governator of homo phobic remarks.
Get the F*ck over it!  By being so catty the Democrats in their sanctimonious defense of an inability to take a joke have solidified their "girliness".  This whole situation reminds me of Dramatic and Visual writing classes in college.  When boys (gay and straight boys mind you) faced harsh criticism they lashed out at the professor, student, or whoever it was that bruised their fragile tormented artist ego.  When girls were criticized, they cried.  (I don't think I ever did either, thank god.) Both responses are quite childish and unprofessional and wouldn't fly in a meeting outside of NYU undergrad workshops... Oh except in CA legislature.
Arnold is just the boy lashing out at those who think he is inadequate and the democrats are just girls crying to whoever will boost their self esteem.  Both are pathetic.  I am thoroughly appalled at the lack of common sense, general professionalism, and all out balls that people seem to have lost.
I don't have children yet, but how am I supposed to teach them to debate and attack the issues, not the person.  How am I supposed to say name calling is wrong, work towards a beneficial compromise.  I'm too young to be so disillusioned.  Everyone in power is acting like kindergartners.  I am issuing a time out for everyone in California.


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