Friday, July 23, 2004

POPCORN: Bob the Musical

  Emma Caufield gets her rocks off spontaneously belting out "Bunnies" from Once More With Feeling. 
According to Variety, Disney has announced Bob the Musical based on a Groundhog Day premise of an average man trapped inside a musical.  I've already seen this play out called Once More With Feeling, done by Joss Weadon and own the soundtrack.  But, hey, Disney isn't known for it's originality, more for stealing other ideas and putting a glossy spin on it all.  I doubt there will be dancing demon's in this version... but Disney did do Hunchback with singing dancing gargoyles, so who knows what they'll do next.  Regardless, the musical will burn out much faster than it took to resurrect.  As with westerns, science fiction, fantasy, and any "genre" piece, a great film can revive it, but many cookie cutter studio grab and dash projects kill it again.  Here's an idea... how about we make GOOD films not just one's that are conceptual and easy to sell to an ignorant public.


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