Wednesday, July 07, 2004

POPCORN: Burn Mother F*cker, Burn!

Okay, Okay... I know it's been over a week since I've posted, but I'm a girl with a life. Anyway, this holiday weekend I experienced the Triple Crown of fire... Apartment Fire, Fireworks, and Fahrenheit 911... all with in 24 hours. Well, the man, the cat, and myself ecsaped safely from our smoke filled apartment caused by an old range and smoldering oven mit. The fireworks were bright and accompanied by too much traffic... and then there was F911.

So obviously, if you have read this blog you know my general political thoughts and that this was one of my most anticipated films of the year (after Alexander). So... what did I think?

The Film: Regardless of all the hype, I'm looking at this as a documentry, as film, and seperating it from it topic and target for a moment. To be direct, the structure was weak and voice over confusing. Bowling for Columbine and Roger & Me are both far superior documentries. Fahrenhiet is a weak highly emotional essay. Like in a heated arguement, it's hard to get your point across cause words are just flying out. Good essays state a point, follow up that point with supporting details and facts, and again, reiterate the point. Fahrenhiet was sometimes about W, sometimes about HW, sometimes about the BUSH's and the Saudi's, and sometime about the Iraq war.

So, add in a highly emotional, and for myself personal, topic to this delapidated structure and you have a film that deals with the alledged corporate coruption of the Bush administrations to the fall out of 911; this film was all over the map. Moore was a prosecutor that wasn't sure what crime he was trying to proove.

The Politics: Everyone finds it impossible to seperate this film from it's politics which shows the lack of logic our media and officials have. Politically, if you criticize this film, you are criticizing our soldiers and the memory of 911. You are also a Bush-lover. If you applaud the film you're a liberal with a bleeding heart agenda seeking to profit from the death and distruction of many of our citizens. Polarization, is not good folks... The world is simply a shade of gray... of good and bad intertwined. Personally, I do not feel that Moore went far enough in taking Bush to task. In fact, I think more should have been concentrated on the man in a coherant manner... hire the editors from Criminal Intent. They, in only 1 hour, can tell a complex story in a way that even my office cohorts to get it. I only followed Moore's stream of consciousness plots because I've heard and read theses ideas, facts, and accusations better explained before. Moore tried to stuff too much into 2 hours.

The Good: Believe it or not from what I've written so far, I did like the movie. I actually felt a tear or two working up... granted I didn't bawl like a baby like in the train station scene from The Hours, but hey, I'm a tragic girl with tragic dreams. The film was filled with brilliant bits, in fact the weakness is only in the merging of those bit that a better editor could have helped with. The film was filled with the poingant - The Blackness over the sound design montage, the absurb - Ashcroft's musical moments, the heartbreaking - the mothers, Iraqi & American fearing for their son's lives, and the enraging - Bush doing NOTHING as the planes hit the towers. I know I left the theater angrier at Bush than when I walked in, but I wasn't sure quite why.

The most brilliant aspect of this film was Moore's use of music, from the opening riff of "Cocaine", to the music montages of Iraq, to the haunting background score. This film was the best use of music... okay, well since Kill Bills... Anway, it was damn good!

Over all, the film is worth seeing. Through the structural issues and jumbly plot a film comes through that is directly from the heart of one patriotic American that you can tell, still loves his country but hates his president... Can you blame him?


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