Wednesday, July 14, 2004

POPCORN: Casting Couch News

McDormand gets some 'Class': Frances McDormand is in negotiations to join Charlize Theron in the Warner Bros. Pictures drama Class Action. The Oscar winners are currently teamed up on Aeon Flux for MTV/Paramount Pictures.

Affleck got squished while crossing the Road:
Ben Affleck has "fallen out" of Glory Road for the Walt Disney Co. and Jerry Bruckheimer. According to HR Online:

Sources indicated that his departure had to do with his deal -- not the $5 million payday but the backend points. To be directed by James Gartner, 'Glory Road' follows the true story of college basketball coach Don Haskins, whose all-black Texas Western team won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship in 1966. The filmmakers and studio have already started checking the availability of a replacement and may have zeroed in on an actor, which sources say is Josh Lucas, to take over the coaching duties.

Any day Affleck gets screwed is a good day for me. He's nothing more than the asshole from a Kevin Smith movie that housewives went a little too gaga over back in 2001. Oh, and HE CAN'T ACT either!


Anyone who knows me also knows how much I hate reading. I know alot about literature, and the stories, the authors. etc. - but I hate fiction. I just don't have the attention span for it.. go ahead and blame it on the MTV generation. But, I can also watch 8 straight hours of The Stand and not blink. Anyway, there are 7 books that as a child, adolescent, teenager, and still as an adult that I take very seriously. So seriously in fact that I dreamed of making them into films one day... The Chronicles of Narnia. I in fact used to want to name my eventual daughter Narnia. When Harry Potter hit the screen with the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone, I figured this is the perfect time for "Narnia" to make it to the screen. The problem, the amount of money to finance the project in a worth while manner would not be given to a 21 year old girl fresh out of film school with not much under her belt as far as directing cred. But, I pulled out my books and started writing, adapting, making notes from casting to costumes, to themes and camera angles. And then, in one foul swoop, Walden Media and Walt Disney crushed my dreams. My only wish is that the film tanks and turns out so horribly that no one will wince when I, as an established film maker, undertake the task of the film 30 years from now, no one accuses me of sacrilidge. Well, the cast has been announced... and even a snap shot published.

According the the New Zealand Herald:

The actors are: Georgie Henley, 9, from West Yorkshire, who plays the lead character Lucy; Skandar Keynes, 12, from London, who plays Edmund; Anna Popplewell, 15, also from London, who plays Susan; and William Moseley, 17, from Gloucestershire, who plays the eldest brother Peter. They are joined by James Cosmo, who played Campbell in Braveheart and Mr Renton in Trainspotting, has been confirmed for the role of Father Christmas. He will join the other cast members so far named: Tilda Swinton (the White Witch), Dawn French (the voice of Mrs Beaver), James McAvoy (Mr Tumnus) and Rupert Everett (the voice of The Fox). It was also announced that Jim Broadbent would be The Professor.

How does this compare with my dreams... Nicole Kidman or Angelina Jolie for the Witch, Stanley Tucci for Mr. Tumnus, Sean Connery as the professor, and for the Beavers, I always pictured the Billy Crystal character from the Princess Bride dressed up like a beaver... the girls from the picture somewhat mesh with my mental images... but Peter is the warrior hero king of the movie (think a teenage Aragon). What's with lumpy?


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