Tuesday, July 20, 2004

POPCORN: The Creepiest Thing I Ever "Saw"

Picked up by Lions Gate at a film festival this year... Saw has been brought to my attention by word of mouth (Thanks, Chris).  This horror film has been compared to Se7en for obvious reason after you watch the trailer.  Se7en is the primary reason I went to film school.  Fight Club is the reason I stayed. 
From the general buzz, Saw is aparently balls to the wall next generation home grown American horror.  For you horror fanatics who have been looking to the far east for thrills and chills in leiu of any quality domestic product (are you listening Jessica Biel & Michael Bay), Saw is apparently your answer.
From the few teaser trailers that are out there, I can honestly say these are the creepiest trailers I've ever seen, EVER.  

See for yourself:  Saw, How F*cked Up Is That?!?


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