Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Stuff It Duff!

Okay, so it is highly possible to go from a cute, sweet, blonde, hollywood child star and evolve into a talented actress and hollywood powerhouse... Example:

But, Hillary Duff, you are not that person. No, unlike Fox News I'm fully aware that I am not "Fair & Balanced". A line was drawn about a year ago, you're either for Lindsay or for Lizzie. I ask myself, who was I most like as a teenage girl... LL. Who was my best friend most like? Definately LL. And, if given invitations to two different parties on the same night, who's would I be sure to attend... LL's. Duh! Okay so I have established myself as anti Duff and seeing that her hit is entitled "So, Yesturday", the door is open for so many bad puns, but I'll refrain.

It seems Miss Duff wants people to pay attention to her and feels the need to comment on Mary Kate Olsen. I'm thinking all of this is misscommunitcation and no one told Mary Kate that skin is no longer in! (Buy a Vogue why don't you?) Regardless... this is what the self declared pop princess had to say:

"It's the pressures put on young celebrities. You open a magazine and it's all about someone being too skinny or too fat, no longer pretty, having the wrong hair color or not making it into the most recent popularity poll. (I don't) pretend to know what Mary Kate is going through, but I can understand a bit of it on a certain level. As a young celebrity, there are times when you feel your life is being controlled by so many other things that eating is the last thing you really do have some control over." Duff then comforted her worried fans saying about any personal anorexia: "I love food too much. I eat sensibly, but I do love to eat."

WOW that's a relief. I can now sleep at night reassured that Lizzi isn't starving herself. In fact, she's quite into stuffing food in her mouth and LL's ex into her... No wait. Nevermind, those were just evil rumors. Duff's too good for that.

And as for a comment on Miss Mary Kate... Anorexia, Bulemia, and more commonlly derivatives of the two are very common, personal, and serious disorders. A month in "rehab" doesn't help that. It takes counseling, understanding, and making peace with your body and the food you put into it. Now, if you have a cocain habit, a month in detox can do wonders. It's not going to make you stop doing it or more importantly, stop wanting to do it, but it will clean your blood stream out and make facing every day "hardships" with a sober mind a little easier. What does this prove? That no matter if you grew up in a trailer park or one of the richest girls in the world, life can be hard... but it's hard for everyone. That's what growing up is all about, Mary Kate.


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