Friday, August 06, 2004


Dear Loyal Bloger Readers: (Darren, Kevin, Ben, Jon, and whomever else randomly ends up here)

I'm temporarily taking a hiatus from the blog to start working on my book in my free time. To those of you who I haven't talked to directly about the project, I'm writing a book on comparative religion including the similarities and differences of the major world religions.

It's always bothered me how much violence and persecution has always existed in the name of "god". Between my friends and family and former roomates, I have been close to someone of every major world religion from the Abraham religions (Jews, Christians, Muslims) to eastern philosophical religions (Tao, Buddah, Hindu) to religions of nature (Wicca, Shinto, Shamanism). It has always astounded me the ridiculous stereotypes that some people associate with each religion. So in a probably futile attempt, I'm going to try and educate people one fallacy at a time. And, if my friends and family have yet to kill anyone over religious differences (that even includes the fundementalists) why are so many people in world slaughtering each other, and why have they been since around 3000 b.c.?

From Gay marriage nationally, to the local debate over evolution, from deciding on the ceremony of my wedding, to thinking about what I want to teach my children about God, from the lady I work with who believes everyone in the office is condemned to hell besides her, to September 11th... something popped inside my head (it might even have been the voice of "God", or space aliens, or simple psychosis) and I decided to write the book. (It's not like I'm busy with my successful film career here in PA).

Anyway, I will probably post certain ideas or questions on the website from now on while writing and researching.

I might also throw a film review out there every now an then too. I'll try and post something once a week.

So, It was wonderful while it lasted... I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. :0P

Check back every now and then.


At 3:34 AM, Blogger mr gilbert said...

Interesting...good luck on the book, Angie!


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