Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Meet Me in Manhattan

I've finished my first chapter and decided to blog today! As it turns out, I just missing Jon in NYC saddly. I'm heading into the city next week to catch up with and old LA bound buddy who's ventured back east, as least for the moment.

Being broke as always, and pouring most of my money into gas, tolls, and parking which is still cheaper than the train, Kathy and I have decided to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon strolling around the Met, quite possibly my favority place on the face of the earth. From ancient pottery to Giani Versace, to Frank Lloyd Wright, to Auguste Rodin, to Egon Schiele, to Andy Warhol... the Metropolitan Museum of Art has samples of everything one could possibly ever consider aesthetic.

Now I'm all exited at the simple thought of a visit. The Met also is the permenant home to my all time favorite work of art (above), Vampire by Edvard Munch (famous for "The Scream" but he's so much more than that.) ... and thus began my love of German art.

Currently the Met has a exhibition of Drawings and Prints from the Weimer Republic Era.

Otto Dix, Cardplayers 1920
This dark time between world wars in German history was (mildy put) pretty bad. The pain German society suffered after the Treaty of Versailles was manipulate by perhaps the most evil distructive conman to ever live. The general emotions of Germany became a powder keg for horrible atrocity. During the "coping years", before violence was used to deal with the pain, artistic expression became a means of out pouring dark, sullen, heavy, mysterious emotions from canvass to the cinema.

When you have the time -No, instead make time to check out the films Metropolis, Faust, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, M, Vampyre, and Nosferatu just to name a few.


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