Tuesday, August 10, 2004

POPCORN REVIEW: Don't Look though the "Secret Window"

Okay, I normally don't put dvd reviews on the blog because I figure I'm so behind everyone else viewing habits that it would have no point. But, the more I think about, the more I feel the need to comment on Secret Window.

This is a bad movie. Again seeming to suffer the Steven King curse, it's just bad. The film has a stellar cast headlined by Johnny Depp and supporting roles filled by Maria Bello (The Cooler), and John Turturo (The Big Lebowski). All of whom are excellent actors with outstanding performances under their belt. In fact, I believe that's what made this film so bad was that Johnny Depp was so good.

I by no means will declare this the worst film that Depp has been in (I haven't seen Blow, The Astronaut's Wife, or Don Juan de Marco), but this is one of his best performances... much better (though less fun) than Cap'n Jack Sparrow. In fact, his performance was reminiscent of Ed Norton in Primal Fear (another great performance in a bad film). Here though, Depp's superb handling of an eclectic author in a "Metamorphosis" like state makes the impending twist evident from 15 minutes into the film. The entire time you are waiting for the character to realize what you already know. Frankly, it's a boring wait. Playing a Mississippi man, Turturo's accent makes his performance near comical even though he seems to be channeling "The Preacher" from Poltergeist II & III.

While this film is bad, it doesn't quite, at least not yet, go full circle back around to being good again. Unless you're looking to study a great character exercise, trade in Secret Window for Rear Window and enjoy real suspense from the master of the genre.


At 11:18 PM, Blogger Darren said...

Hey, don't knock Primal Fear! It is a decent film with some good performances including the aforementioned Norton. I also liked Secret Window. I think you should include your DVD thoughts on your blog. I do. But I guess I am bad for no other reason than being bad.


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