Thursday, September 02, 2004

THE BOX: Back 2 Life

This weekend of labor celebration bookend the summer.

I remember back in May, I prepped for the summer months by stocking up on PS2 games and DVDs. Yes, I know it's sad... but it's a small town. I did at least venture on two roadtrips, a summer requirement here in the north east. As for the games, yeah, I'll get to them eventually I guess. See, I stumbled on to this fact that I knew of, but never really delved into: TNT airs at least 20 hours of Law & Order a week. Combine that with the approximate 15 hours of SVU USA airs, and the minimal amount of NBC repeat of all 3 L & O series... and that brings the total to around 40 hours a week.

So, honestly, this summer, I watched L & O like it was my job. When I wasn't working either "job" I was busy falling in love with Jeremy Piven's Ari on HBO. But, that's besides the point. After one night of 6 straight eps of L & O, there were complaints about the show coming from my lovely roomate, and fiance, who found them monotonous. By the end of the first week, he had seded. By the end of the 2nd week, he was an addict, full fledge. Keep in mind, I've seen nearly every episode between 1990 and 2002. I drove my roomates crazy in college, but it really help on my Law in Society midterm.

Anyway, for months I've been trying to explain which ADA was who and when they were on and so on and so on. So, appropriately, this labor day weekend, TNT will be airing a L & O marathon in celebration. It seams a fitting end to the summer... and yes, I realize this is a sign that I've gotten old. I started watching this show in ELEMENTARY school, with The Simpsons. Anyway, my point is summer's over... which means, it's time for

The Brain Drain's
The Best of the Box Bonanza, Fall 2004

I miss Maggie. She was such a better Secretary.

While none of us can really know 'til we take the time to sit down and watch (and that means tearing Ben away from L & O)... here are the Box Best Bets:

The Simpsons - 8 Fox
Arrested Development - 8:30 Fox
Desperate Housewives - 9 ABC
Boston Legal (Practice Spinoff) - 10 ABC

Veronica Mars - 9 UPN
The Wire - 10 HBOE (since I'll be watching Fox on Sun.)

Law & Order SVU - 10 NBC

Lost - 8 ABC
The Mountain - 9 WB
Law & Order - 10 NBC

The O.C. - 8 FOX
True Calling - 9 FOX

Look for details on each show comming in the next two weeks, as long a reviews to decide if the show is worth a second view. And yes, ABC has all the best looking new shows, go figure.


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