Wednesday, September 29, 2004

THE BOX - "Home Movies" on DVD

The greatest Cartoon this side of The Simpsons isn't Aqua Teen Hunger Force, it isn't South Park, and it isn't the short lived Clone High... it's the Cartoon Network Adult Swim staple Home Movies. Granted, I'm sure most people will disagree with me, but they always do. I have the first three season's on some sturdy VHS tapes for whenever I need a fix. Dosing gets much easier November 16th when the first season of Home Movies comes to DVD.

Home Movies follows the misadventures of Brendon Small a fledgling auteur and his best friend and producer Melissa as third graders with a mission: To make pictures. The trio is flanked by second grader and versatile character actor Jason, known for some of series more gross out incidences. The three often end up in suburban misadventures with their alcoholic soccer coach McGurk, Brendon's neurotic single mom Paula, and middle aged bachelor and third grade teacher Mr. Lynch. This is one of those cartoons where the children seem to know more about life and have less issues than the adults they're surrounded by, but that's what makes it funny. The first season has weaker "Squigglevision" animation and story lines than the later episode, one of my favorites being "Bad Influences", when Brendon and Jason start their own version of Fight Club.

Highlights of the first season include "Brendon Gets Rabies", "Life Through a Fish Eye Lens", "Mortgages and Marbles", and one of my absolute favorites "Director's Cut" about Metamorphosis: Rock Opera featuring the song "He is Franz Kafka".

If you love films, or especially if you have ever tried to make a film, you can't help but love this show! Buy it so we get a season two release. Which reminds me, buy Twin Peaks too so season two may actually be released on DVD.


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