Saturday, September 25, 2004


I love a good crime drama and have tried tuning into CSI before. For some reason, it's never peaked my interest. I don't get all the hype. (Granted, I said the same thing about "Buffy" before and look at me know.) Due to lack of other viewing options, I tuned into the season premier of CSI on Thursday. This is one of those instances that I can recognize something as good even though I don't personally like it. The opener, "Viva Las Vegas" is best episode I have seen of the caught. I tuned in for the hour hour instead of becoming bored midway through.

(Please resist all tempted Reiko "Suave" jokes)

I was happy to see Reiko Aylesworth on the show. For two seasons, she was Michelle Dressler on 24, one of my favorite characters. French Stewart also made a memorable appearnce as a sci-fi minister. The oddity was that the guest stars were making more of an impression on me than the cast. I have just always found and kind of blandness with the show.
I will probably give the show more of chance tuning into the reruns on SpikeTV, maybe it just takes and acquired taste. Over all, it was a solid premier.

Recommendation: Good back up to boredom.

For a recap of "Viva Las Vegas"...


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