Wednesday, September 22, 2004

BOX REVIEW - Gilmore Girls - Premier

This is the very first episode I ever watched.

Before getting into the mechanics of the show, I find it impressive how the WB seems to have stylistically branded their shows, at least the good ones. How much of a correlation does Law & Order have to Las Vegas or 24 to The O.C.? None at all. Well, maybe in the early to mid-1990's the hey day of NBC, they might have been a slight style put forth by ER, Law & Order, and Homicide in a docu-drama handheld feel... but that's grown away and nowhere near as strong as the look and writing style of the WB. Even though from different creators, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawson's Creek, Angel, and the Gilmore Girls share a great bond of solid writing and similar cinematography that gives way to a feel of an actual WB universe. I've only watched one episode of Smallville, the pilot, but it too gives off the same feel. Okay, sidenote over.

This is the premier of the 5th season of the GG's. I don't live in a vacuum so I'm aware of the premise of the show as I'm sure more people are of any show that has been absorbed into pop culture. One of the beautiful things about GG is that it is self effacing in the pop culture respect, similar to the ironic stylings of Kevin Williamson but in a completely different way. I was easily riveted by the first 5 minutes of the show last night which had me tuning in for the whole hour. Also, I found myself surprised by the diversity of the cast and also attached to the characters and relationships in the show by the end. I actually cared about Lorelai (Laura Graham) and Rory's (Alexis Bledel) boy situations. I was already invested. 24, Dawson's Creek, and long ago 90210 are the only shows I think that have ever sucked me in so hard so fast. This was definitely one of the best written show on television, or at least a damn good written episode. Which then had me thinking, what would this season premier have meant to me if I was actually a pre-existing fan of the show?

  • Recommendation: High

Here's a recap of "Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller":

Rory and Dean are engaging in post-coital snuggling and cuteness when Lorelai comes home. Upset by her mother's "judgement", Rory calls Dean who's wife answers. After a scene of hilarity, the elder Gilmores officially decide to separate. Kirk, after an attack of rose bushes, tells Sookie that he saw Lorelai and Luke kiss which gets her all worked up in a good hysterically giddy girlie kind of way. Dead and his wife have a massive fight when he returns home. Rory decides to "talk" to Dean, I'm assuming about his wife, but they end up getting busy at Miss Patty's. Rory eventually decides to go with her grandmother to Europe to think about things with Dean and cope with her talk-about-it/not-talk-about-it issues with her mother. Lorelai and Luke in the cutest scenes of the episode decide they like kissing each other and would like to do so again. Luke goes to Maine to help someone with a Renaissance Faire something or other. Lorelai sumises the episode in cuteness and loneliness.

After GG I attempted to watch One Tree Hill. Both my little sis and I both find Chad Michael Murray pleasing to the eye... but alas I became bored and distracted with other matters. Seeing I have no investment in American Idol, Gilmore Girls will probably become a Tuesday night staple in my living room.

Don't forget to get Lost tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Also, if anyone has anything fabulous (or not) about the Veronica Mars premier (UPN 9 p.m., tonight) let me know. I'll be catching the refresher on MTV next week.


At 11:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bout damn time. Lauren Graham is the hottest MILF ever on television. Since I don't have the WB, I have to wait till Wednesday night at 1AM to see this on Fox 43. Eh, worth the wait, I'm sure. Was Paris in this episode? I LOVE Paris.


At 12:08 PM, Blogger Mitchell - Crumrine said...

I most definatly concur on the hotness of Lauren Graham who got to show of her Rockin' ass is Bad(der) Santa. and no, I didn't notice anyone named Paris.


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