Thursday, September 23, 2004

BOX REVIEW - "Lost" in TV

So, you ask, can Lost really live up to not only the critical claim it's been receiving but my own personal expectations as well? Suprisingly, YES! Lost 1-01 is the best pilot to ever hit TV. It sets the bar for the remainder of the series pretty high. Historically, the pilot, due to exposition purposes, is often the weakest episode of the entire series. If that's true with Lost, ABC has a massive hit on it's hands and the viewing audience has a new entry in the pop culture record.

recommendation: Abso (F-ing) lutely

Sidenote: I convinced a handful of coworkers to watch Lost last night. While not around a watercooler, we briefly discussed the events of last night's show. Only one decided after two minutes that the show was too cheesy for her... she had a problem with the opening and didn't find it realistic. This officially gives Lost a 4 out of 5 "watercooler" recommendation.

Recap of Lost 1-01: "Pilot, Part 1"

The opening shot of Dr. Jack's (Matthew Fox) pupil is powerful and grabs you right away. With in the first five minutes Dr. Jack saved at least 4 people. The beach wreckage was a nail biting senario that was beautiful to watch not to mention the colors of the jungle. This level of cinematography is rarely scene on the small screen. The show actually delivered an outloud "Holy Shit" from me when one passenger gets sucked into an engine starting a domino effect of explosions and further destruction. For the rest of the episode: Our first Lost hour explains why we have crash landed and why no one is coming to get us. By the way, I'm speaking in the first person because the beauty of this show places you as a survivor more than an omnipotent overseer of their bleak situation. Anyway, the first night on the island wailing, stomping, and some kind of unspeakable violence is transpiring in the jungle. The next morning, Dr. Jack, Kate (Evangeline Lilly), and Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) venture into the jungle to find the cockpit containing the transceiver and radio for help. The first part of the journey gives by far the funniest moment of the pilot when we learn Charlie is a member of the boy band "Driveshaft" and starts to hysterically sing. One gothic monsoon later, we're deep in the jungle and rummaging through the cockpit. Go figure, a bloodied pilot survives just long enough to tell us that we're really LOST! Apparently, the plane 6 hours across the pacific had to turn back (somewhere around Fiji) due to a failed radio, but by the time they hit the turbulence that eventually sent them down, they had flown nearly 1000 miles of course. Then came those haunting words, "They're looking for us in the wrong place." Oh then the pilot gets bloodily sucked out of the cockpit by the unspeakable evil of the jungle... bring on the wailing and the stomping. Everyone runs and hides and the terror grows. The first hour ends with the discovery of the pilots disemboweled corpse atop a palm tree. Which leave this 49th castaway asking...

What evil secrets does that yellow Labrador hold?


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