Tuesday, September 21, 2004

THE BOX: Shout Outs!

Okay, long story kinda short: I missed the what I'm assuming was yet another bland Emmy telecast due to flash flooding, my cousin's impromptu wedding Sunday evening, a road trip with the little sis's, and some late night grub at the Starlight ER. So, my weekend was oh so hectic to say the least. Luckily, I kept musically self medicated with The Garden State soundtrack with a little additional help from Liz Phair, Elliot Smith, and Beth Orton. I finally reviewed some of the coverage this morning, long after the rest of the world I'm sure was over it, if they even cared in the first place.

I first of all would just like to give a shout out to James Spader's now awarding winning portrayal of sinisterly sexy diabolical master manipulator Alan Shore, who deservingly now has his own show with William Shatner of all people. It's one part ridiculous and one part genius leading to pure entertainment. If Boston Legal aka Fleet Street aka The Practice is anything like the Dylan McDermott helmed "the practice", don't expect microscopes and legal briefs... think more twisted debauchery. (My personal favorite story line involves a doctor that found severed heads in his bag... check out the reruns. )

Second, have I not been telling you that Arrested Development is the best "sitcom" ever? (P.S. I know both DKME and The Big Ticket have been telling you the same thing as well.) Well, if you didn't take it from us, take it from the Academy: Arrested Development is the best sitcom ever.

The show took honors for Best Directing in a Comedy Series, Best Writing in a Comedy Series, oh yeah and guess what... BEST COMEDY SERIES. Now with "Sex", "Raymond", "Fraiser", and "Friends" all off the air, the only show that can even compare is Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO. Look for the extremely talented cast of AD to get their moments to shine in the upcoming years. Oh yeah, and watch the show - or buy it cornballers and all.

Now, being the self-proclaimed fashionista that I am, I of course must comment on the best dressed. I only have press pictures to refer to. Remember, I didn't actually watch the telecast.

5. Sharon Stone - This lady always wears a dress, the dress does not wear her. I'm pretty sure she sustained frontal lobe damage post brain surgery, either that or senility set in early. But, she's totally crazy in a good way.

4. Beth Littleford - Who knew funny girls could be so hot? Right, our favorite daily show correspondent and VH1 commentator gives most of the hot to trot "actresses" her tonight a run for their money.

3. Teri Hatcher - Look for Teri to pop back into the minds of men across the country when she makes her debut as a desperate housewife on Sunday.

2. Mariska Hargitay - I guess it's that sensible cop wear Mariska is always wearing on SVU, cause who had any idea she was this hot.

and number 1. Patricia Heaton - Seeing that I really hate the whole Raymond thing and think it's beyond overrated and everyone, especially Doris Roberts, is way too annoying... I was debating whether or not making this number one. Since the we're talking best dressed and not coolest actress on the coolest show ever, I figured why not. This dress is absolutely amazing, though it would look better on Lucy Liu or Kate Hudson. While her ears look funny in this picture, this is one of the hottest dresses I've ever seen. Great job, give her stylist an Emmy!


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