Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Seurat Report: 24 Shark Jumping? and more...

24 Pulls a "Practice": Not too long ago, TV was rocked when a majority of the cast to "The Practice" was fired or asked not to return including Kelly Williams, Lara Flynn Boyle, and even Dylan McDermont. Coming off it's third year, 24 has done the same retaining only Keifer Sutherland's Jack Bauer as a regular. This series has had a strong supporting cast including Xander Berkley, Sarah Winter, Reiko Aylesworth, and my personal favorite Carlos Bernard. In fact, while 24 fans (just like Alias fans) are waiting for the show to be "retooled" for a January 2005 launch. While most of this isn't news; we knew this months ago... details are now being reported for the premise of Day Four. There will be a two hour premier January 3rd. Day 4 skips ahead 18 months and Jack no longer works for CTU. CTU is now headed by Erin Driscoll who immediately fired Jack upon her take over. After a commuter rail explosion, Jack is forced to confront Erin at CTU. Jack is currently working for the Secretary of Defense and sleeping with his married daughter, Audrey.

Moore, Moore, Moore: No, not the redheaded star of The Forgotten, the other Moore. No not the bikini clad star of CA: Full Throttle, the other Moore. Yes! That Moore, the one that has got everyone all worked up with his crystal clear (meaning obviously see through) Bush Bashing blockbuster, Fahrenheit 911. Miramax is backing Sicko, Mike's take on the healthcare situation in this country. Maybe then, something will be done about the inadequate healthcare system that we seem to accept because none of us demand any better from our government. Oh yeah, we have no healthcare because we hate taxes. This is the perfect time for me to remind you that whether you love or hate Bush or Moore, take the time to express your opinion this November, and vote.

Giving Thanks to Alexander: My most anticipated film of the year has now been giving a new release date. While I'll (and you) will be waiting 3 extra weeks, hopefully it's worth they wait. It's not like the movie is Cursed. Alexander will conquer a multiplex near you this Thanksgiving.

Grow Up Buffy: Dark Horizon's news board is reporting that Sarah Michelle Gellar has landed the role of Sabrina the Teenage Witch on the big screen. I'm not a big fan of SMG, but believe it or not, she can really act. The best film works she's put forth to date is Cruel Intentions where she went back to her roots (literally, her brunette ones) and played away from the pretty blonde teenage girl. Not only that, but she is stuck in occult/horror type casting she seems to be okay with like taking the role of Daphne and the babysitter in The Grudge. This is the worst career move she could make. Well, unless she's okay with type casting. Anyway, it will be even harder for her to fight her Buffiness in the future. Oh not to mention, she's at least three years older than me, which means she is at least a decade past her teenage prime.


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