Thursday, September 16, 2004

There She Blows!

Yes, I know it's been a while. Quite honestly it's because I really have nothing to say... and for someone who rambles especially when nervous and offers her opinions oh so freely, this is quite a mile stone. I just figured I'd post a quick checking in message for those of you who actually read my gramatically incorrect randmon rants and blogginess. Yes, I'm still alive. So, why haven't I posted in so long?

This all started a couple weeks ago with my random trip to CT and some other interesting close encounters of the LA/NY kind. There are the producers and the production people, the actors and the ambiguous, all of those people I call friends. After catching up with or at least touching base with 3 old friends (it's been way too long), I was approached by a friend (of a friend of a friend kind of thing) about one of my screenplays or one of my treatments for a screenplay at least. So I started writing again, for real not just on the blog. I also have the book I was working on, a short story I'm adapting, and a stage play/screenplay combo deal I 'm developing with my best friend. Oh yeah, and I've been working on my day job. So, I've been thrust back in the world of guilds, and drafts, and paradigms, and agents, etc. It feels quite good. Instead of criticizing, I've gone back to creating, if only inside my own mind for now.

Outside the world of scripts, I said good-bye to a good friend who broke out of soul sucking magnetic power my hometown has. He's moved on to bigger and better things (hopefully) and I wish him all the best. (Love Ya, Bobby)

Since Bob's departure, I spent last weekend dog sitting and watching season 4 of Angel, which I know I tout too much on here, but god I loved that show. Speaking of television... This Sunday is the Emmy's, which means besides the crap NBC has unrolled, the new season of Box watching starts then. So, look for lots of fun stuff on the blog next week, or at least my randomn first impressions. The theater doesn't have much to offer, at least not locally this weekend. So, television it is. Oh, if it's films you crave, don't worry. Mean Girls hits shelves on Tuesday with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind the week after.


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