Thursday, October 14, 2004

THE BOX: "Don't tell me what I can't do."

Lost 1-04: "Walkabout"
This is the first episode written by Mutant Enemy Alum, David Fury.

I’ve got two large nuts and a briefcase full of knives. Who’s your Daddy now?

It’s night. From the darkness, the camp is raided by a group of wild boars. After surviving and recovering from the boars, Dr. Jack announces that something must be done with the bodies of the dead. They are unable to bury them because the boars will dig them back up. Only one thing can be done, and no one likes the idea. Dr. Jack decides to pile the corpses into the fuselage and set it ablaze. He hopes that at night, some one, anyone, will see the fire.

Sayid completes his latest professor like marvel, an antenna booster... The giant ball of coils is supposed to act like those "signal boosters" places advertise for your cell phone.

Meanwhile, Hurley and Sawyer get into a fight over nuts, the last bag. A general panic spread momentarily. Locke breaks out his knives dazzling the crowd declaring "We hunt!" Locke, Michael, and Kate venture on another jungle trek, this time in search of some baby boar. Dr. Jack is concerned why Kate signs up for the “heart of darkness” tour so often. Michael's ulterior motive is to get a better read on Locke since Walt, Michael's son, is fond of the man. Kate takes the booster that Sayid rigged planning on finding a prime location for it. Sayid and Kate are hoping to track the French distress signal’s source. During the trek in the woods, a boar catches the team off guard. Michael's leg is gored. Kate ties off his wounds and tries to get him back to the beach. Locke, against Kate's advice, decides to go it alone deeper into the jungle. On the way back to the beach, Kate climbs a tree to get plant the booster. At the top, she's distracted and drops it rendering it useless. Locke is face to face with one of the towering mystery creatures.

Back on the beach, Dr. Jack is unwilling to step into the leadership role. Claire collects the remaining items and decides to hold a mass memorial service later when they burn the bodies.

Shannon and her bro, Boone, continue to be at odds. He challenges her to catch a fish. Relying on her manipulative assets, Shannon uses Charlie. He goes fishing and brings her back a prime catch. Boone is frustrated with his sister's denial of the situation and her callous demeanor with everyone. Charlie realizes he's been used. He sneaks into the jungle and dips into the remainder of his dope.

Kate and Michael make it back to the beach and tell the party that Locke didn't make it out of the jungle. She gives the remaining parts of the booster to a frustrated Sayid.

Sawyer shares his nuts with Claire.

Jack is counseling Ruth, a woman in shock. She believe that the people from the tail of the plane that broke off before the crash are still alive in the same situation... believing their loved ones are dead. Jack sees a man in a suit along a ridge. Moments later, the man is gone. Kate briefs Jack on the latest when Jack sees the man again. He runs after the mystery figure only to find Locke bloody and boar in hand. Between the fish and pig, no one's going hungry tonight.

At the memorial service, Michael asks Locke about the monster. He says that he saw nothing.

Secrets... everybody's got 'em! In Locke's story, we get a glimpse into he past. He goes by "The Colonel". Not a military man though, Locke is a data processor or accounting department rep or some other nondescript bland cubically imprisoned office worker. His younger, cocky manager belittles “the colonel”. Locke is a lonely man planning a trip to Austrailla for a walkabout tour. He talks to a woman named Helen on the phone, and asks her to join him. She tells him she can't meet customers giving us the impression she was a phone sex operator or something of the sort. Finally making it to the Outback, by himself, Locke is denied a spot on the walkabout exhibition team. The leader explains to Locke that he simply "can't do it." Locke argues that he can, when the man explains that the insurance company forbids people in Locke's condition from joining any exhibition. We find out Locke's secret: He’s paralyzed from the waste down. Is this the miracle secret he shared with Walt? When Locke wakes from the plain crash, he's able to wiggle his big toe. He struggles to stand and walk for the first time in years. Locke reminds us again and again, "Don't tell me what I can't do."

And the wailing and the stomping? There is lots of wailing and stopping coming from the boars. Locke explains how boars hunt and how to track them. Thye use their tucks to mark the trees. So, are there GIANT boars that have been sucking trees down? Personally, I don't think so. When we see through the eyes of the monster during the jungle scene, we look down on Locke at least 20 feet... I can't picture a boar, or a polar bear for that matter, that big.

Are we still Lost? You betcha.

Next week: Who was that ghost on the ridge? Was he real? Has Dr. Jack lost his mind?

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