Thursday, October 07, 2004


Lost 1-03: "Tabula Rasa"

a.k.a. When Mercy Killings Go Wrong...

Tabula Rasa ("clean slate") is the first post pilot episode and very "Kate" centric. At the end of the pilot, our transciever party was at the top of the mountain upset by the 16 year cycled signal they pick up. The team is working their way back to the beach camp as tensions mount. Kate eventually ends up with gun. Back on the beach, Dr. Jack and Hurley the Dude work at trying to save the supposed marshall's life. He keeps reiterating how dangerous Kate is. Only Dr. Jack and Hurley have seen her mug shot. Jin continues to make his wife act proper. The group decides not to share the news of the signal with the others to keep hope alive. Kate takes Dr. Jack asside and gives him the bad news. As the marshall slowly dies, the castaways are tormented by his cries and screams. He asks for Kate. Kate unwilling to end his suffering has Sawyer do it. I would have thought a bullet to the head would suffice, but Sawyer goes for the heart... missing and instead collapsing a lung. At this point the marshall starts spewing blood and convulsing. Dr. Jack says it will take hours for him to die now. There are no more bullets left. Dr. Jack walks into the tent and takes the situation into his own hands, literally I 'm assuming. Later, he and Kate conoodle on the beach. As she's about to confesses her sins, he stops her saying that 3 days ago, they all died. Nothing from the past matters anymore.

Secrets... everybody's got 'em! Tabula Rasa is all about Kate's secrets. In Australlia, she ended up working for a farmer who found her asleep with his sheep one day. He paid her to help keep up the farm. After three months, she tries to sneak out in the middle of the night. The farmer convinces her to stay one more day and offers to drive her to the train station. On the way, Kate realizes they're being tailed. The farmer confesses to blowing the whistle on her hide out for the $23,000 in reward money. After a damaging accident that left the farmer bloody and unconcious, Kate pulls him to safety from the burning vehicle. It doesn't give her enough time to get away and the marshall catches up and takes her into custody... until the crash. Kate is also Canadian.

And the wailing and the stomping? For about a second there were some jungle grumbles that sent Michael (Harold Perrineau Jr.) running panicked right into Jin's naked wife (Yunjin Kim). But, no polar bears and no tree vacumn. Hurley asked Dr. Jack if the "monster" was a dinosaur. Dr. Jack said of course not because dinosaurs are extint.

Are we still Lost? There's no more additional info on our location.


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