Tuesday, October 05, 2004

THE BOX - Making Appointments & Ratings Reports

I know we've been TV dominated here at The Brain Drain as of late, but it is the new fall season. If you're ever at a loss for what to watch, there's The Box Best Bet's panel on the side with recommendations throughout the week. With nothing new worth tuning into coming from Fox, I'm issuing my Official Appointment Television list for the new fall season. What is appointment television you ask? It's the particular shows which you arrange your plans around or set your VCR's and TiVo's to record. There are few shows in my life I simply couldn't miss, but here's a few:

Beverly Hills 90210 (S1-4), Melrose Place (S1-3), Dawson's Creek (S1-3), The West Wing (Season 1), 24 (all), The X-Files (all), Friends (S1-2) and Angel (S5).

This is a great season for entertainment. Not only have I seen some wicked awesome films this year (ESOTM & Garden State), but even the television is getting better.

If we did nothing but watch television, we'd have a very unfulfilling lives or we'd become delusional and obsessed. So, to clear out the field, here are the shows I'm officials prescribing you an appointment for:

Arrested Development, 8:30 Sunday on Fox (returns in Nov.)

Desperate Housewives, 9 p.m. Sunday on ABC
Veronica Mars, 9 p.m Tuesday on UPN
Lost, 8 p.m. Wednesday on ABC

Ratings update:

Saddly, ratings still rule the networks as an antiquated method to setting advertising fees. Unlike the days when television executives cared about TV (and Music lables about music, and studios about film), very few new shows are given much of a chance - Wonderfalls! So here are the early indicators for the best shows on television.

Arrested Development finished it's first season weak. We'll have to wait until November to see if the triple crown Emmy wins will boost viewership.

Veronica premiered weak and can only go up... or more likely, be cancelled. UPN would be wise to give this show a full season to play out and pick up viewers from MTV.

Lost's pilot was split in two and air on consecutive Wednesdays. The split didn't hurt the show, as Lost found over 18 million viewers. During Saturday reruns of the entire pilot show in the movie of the week format it was designed for, Lost found 9 million additional viewers. This week's numbers will be very interesting. We'll see if viewer were intrigued or disappointed by the killer "tropical" polar bears. We'll also see if people like Kate sweet and simple or if it gets better when she's badder. ABC, who knew?

and last, but certainly not least.... Desperate Housewives not only won it's time slot or the night, but took top honors for highest rated new series. In fact with over 21 million viewers, DH's premiered to higher ratings than any other show this season, or last season, or the season before that! Take that CSI.


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