Thursday, October 21, 2004

"Desperate" Values

The American Family Association, a "ministry devoted to the preservation of traditional family values," is "desperate" to keep sex off television.

You can read all about it here: Yahoo! News - Advertisers Not "Desperate"

Thanks for the heads up Darren.

Anyway, regardless of any of the freedom of speech and other "moral issues", can you name a commercial and which show you saw it durring? Besides the Superbowl, I do not associate advertiser with programming at all. Mostly, because I'm in the bathroom, kitchen, or flipping between different channels. Or, I'm watching HBO.

Regardless, these groups attack advertisers which I think is unfair. Why don't you boycott ABC? Why don't you boycott Disney products as a whole? Why don't you take your crusade to the airwaves? Why do you threaten to attack advertisers? Okay, I know why, but I think it's dirty back door business. You want to hurt the networks pockets. "Desperate" is the highest rated new show on television. You're just mad that people like it.

Well, I'm mad that reality television is still around. I personally boycott programming by watching something else. I don't threaten. I don't tell others what they can or can't watch.


At 11:16 PM, Blogger Darren said...

You can guarentee that any time something becomes successful someone is gonna have a problem with it. Instead of going after inappropriate content, they should go after lack of quality. Oh wait. In that arena, they have nothing on DH.

I can remember commercials on TV shows. I remember when I was obsessed with seeing ads for the latest teen/slasher movie, I'd watch the WB cause I knew they would be there.


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