Thursday, October 28, 2004

"I have an irrational fear of bees."

Lost 1-06: "The House of the Rising Sun" or The Story of Sun & Jin.

Kate and Jack are getting snuggly on the beach... "Verbal Copulation" according to Charlie.

Jin, after a bit of fishing randomly and visciously attacks Michael nearly killing him. Walt and Sun scream for help. Sayid and Sawyer (oddly working together) break up the fight. Sayid cuffs Jin to some reckage to let him bake in the hot island sun.

Dr. Jack leads a water party into the jungle including Kate, Charlie and Locke. Charlie sneaks aways trying to get a dose of dope into his bloodstream when Locke startles him. It's seems an oblivious Charlie decided to rail some heroin on top a bee hive. One move and the hive cracks sending the buzzy bees everywhere. Charlie with his self declared "irrational fear of bees" panics. The hive breaks charging after the group. Dr. Jack and Kate quickly shed their clothes to get rid of the bees. Everyone runs back to the waterfall.

Check me out, I'm baking.

On the beach, "Sheriff" Sayid asks Michael what he did to kindle the attack. Michael is frustrated and offended. In his anger, he accuses Jin's of racial motivations. Sun is very upset and tends to her husbands scarred wrist.

Mostly naked by the waterfall, Kate and Dr. Jack discover... HUMAN REMAINS. Jack takes a look. By the rate of decomposition, he thinks the bodies are 40 to 50 years dead. One is male and the other female: The islands very own Adam and Eve. Dr. Jack finds some shiny marbles on the bodies, one black and one white.

The hamster is running round the wheel in Jack's head. He realizes, they can't reasonably take the water to people to meet the rate of consumption. Instead, he decides they must bring the people to the water. Jack and Kate head back to camp. Charlie and Locke rummage through the reckage at the site and begin to set up camp.

Walt and Michael have issues when Walt asks why Jin attacked him. Michael realizes that Walt knows nothing about him... at all.

Charlie desperately is still trying to fix himself up without Locke catching on. Locke, as it turns out, is a huge fan of Drive Shaft. They talk about Charlie's guitar and Locke offers more metaphysical advice about the island. What did Locke see in the jungle? Locke asks Charlie to make an offering to island.

Your hair blows in the wind too! We're made for each other.

After Jack presents his idea, the castaways become very divided about moving the camp, including Kate. Sawyer asks Kate which man she's going to choose Sayid or Dr. Jack, the beach or the jungle? Kate talks to Jack and tell hims she's not ready to "dig in". She can't leave the beach.

Sun - in PEFECT ENGLISH - asks Michael for help. She explains that Jin is upset because Michael is wearing her father's watch. Michael says he found it in the reckage. Sun tells him it represents honor and a deeper meaning between her husband and father.

In the jungle, Locke demands that Charlie gives up his junk before he runs out. Quit by choice and not by force. The withdraw is inevitable. Charlie gives up his drugs. Locke tells him to look up. There, tangled in the landscape, is Charlie's guitar.

I was on 24 last season... I know how this ends!

On the beach, Michael confronts Jin while clasping an ominous axe. Finnally, after venting frustration, he cuts Jin cut loose from the cuffs. The castaways split into two "factions". The Cave Camp and the Beach. At the caves joining Locke, Charlie, and his guitar, are Hurley, Jin, Sun and Jack. At the beach, Sayid, Boone, Shannon, Michael, Walt, Sawyer, and Kate keep hope and the signal fire alive. Sawyer and Kate seem to be developing a bond, stronger than the cuteness of her and Jack.

Secrets... everybody's got 'em! Sun is part of Korean high society looking like an Asian Desperate Housewife. Jin is only a waiter but obviously in love with her. Sun wants to run away to America with Jin so they can live happily outside the bounds of their culture. Jin on the other hand is determined to earn his wife the old fashioned way. He gives her an orchid and promises to one day make it a diamond. Later, Jin meets with Sun's father. Jin tells Sun that her family has blessed their relationship and he gives her a very expensive engagement ring. Sun is elated until Jin tells her in exchange he must work for her father. She becomes extremely upset. After their wedding, Sun comes home to find a Sharpei puppy. Jin says she needs company since all he does is work. Later in their marriage, Jin runs into the apartment directly to bathroom. He's covered in blood. Sun is frantic until Jin tells her he was working... for her father. Sun then makes a decision. She seeks council from a woman posing as an interior decorator. The women asks Sun abouther lessons (assuming English). The women then gives Sun specific instructions on how to disappear from her husband and father at the airport. She leaves Sun with the proper passports. In Australia, Sun takes the first steps towards her freedom. She walks towards the exit while Jin waits in line. She's extremely sad. She looks back at her husband who sweetly smiles and holds in his hand a wild orchid. For the first time in too long, Sun sees the man she fell in love with. She walks away from the door taking her fateful place by her husbands side.

And the wailing and the stomping? No wailing, stomping, polar bears, boars or ghosts. In fact, there was nothing, besides the skeletons, out of the ordinary at all this week.

Are we still Lost? I'm still holding tight with The Last Battle theory I proposed last week. Until I see anything to show me otherwise, I think everyone is dead. Thoughts?


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