Monday, October 18, 2004

I Heart MA

It seems as if Evil Inc is out to get Massachussettes. President Bush showed no love for the state as he uttered "from Massachussettes" with such distain over and over again during the debates. Since when did MA become part of the Axis of Evil? I like Massachusettes no matter what anyone says. In fact, given the chance, I would move to Boston tomorrow. It's an all around great town filled with great people and proud, compassionate, and intelligent American values. Remember, it wasn't called the Texas Tea Party.

Anyway, if it wasn't bad enough in the political arena, Evil Inc has also been dominating the Sports pages crucifying the greatest losers of all time, the All American Underdogs, the Red Sox. Last night, I traded in the fictional Boston Legal for a much more dramatic reality showdown of good and evil happening live in Boston. Keep in mind, I love New York City. It's the greatest city in the world and will always consider myself at the very least 51% New Yorker. To that end, I would just like to say...

Who's Your Daddy Now!?!


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