Thursday, October 21, 2004

"I've looked into the eye of this island... and it is beautiful."

Lost 1-04: "White Rabbit" or Dr. Jack's Story

In between NLCS Game 6 and ALCS Game 7 I caught 95% of Lost last night. Also, that's why I haven't posted about Veronica Mars this week. I'll play catch up next Tuesday on MTV. You can do the same.

When I tuned in, Jack was pulling Boone ashore. Apparently a woman got caught in the riptide and didn't make it back. Dr. Jack is continuously plagued by a suited man on the horizon. Is he losing his mind?

Hurley and Charlie realize that there are only 18 bottles of water left. They decide to move the remaining bottles to a safe place to ration. They don't want to create a panic. Locke goes alone into the jungle to bring back water.

Sun wants to try harder to communicate with the others. Jin forbids her saying that he will provide for her needs. Since they don't speak any English, they don't know that they are lost... they don't know no one is coming.

Sawyer has horded all the "valuble" things he could salvage such as twinkies and bug repellent. He's selling them to the rest of the cast aways.

Everyone keeps running to Jack for advice as he still refuses to take command. He and Boone have a confrontation about island leadership. Jack again sees the suited man. He chases after him, his father... deep into the jungle.

Back on the beach, very pregnant Clair collapses under the heat. Charlie discovers that the last of the water is missing. Someone stole it. They turn to Jack for answers, but he's gone.

Kate sees Sun with a bottle of water and asks where she got it. She points to Sawyer. Sayid and Kate follow Sawyer later into the jungle to find where he's stashing the water. They discover he's not the culpit after all. He's just waiting for the rain. He traded his last bottle for a fish that Jin caught.

Jack, on his jungle chase, flies over a cliff. Locke, near by, comes to his rescue and lends him a life saving hand. The two talk in the jungle. Jack explains that
that he's hallucinating. Locke tells him he needs to step up to the plate and lead these people before chaos takes over. Jack's scared and doesn't think he can do it. Locke asks Jack to consider that his hallucinations are actual. To accept that things on this island are possible. Locke leaves Jack to chase his "white rabbit" and heads back to shore.

Jack's father appears to him again. Jack grabs a stick of fire and follows him deeper into the jungle, to a waterfall and spring. Fresh, crystal clear, beautiful water. There is a piece of the plane with a casket. Jack opens in, but it's empty.

Jack now knows what to do. He makes it back to the beach where they have caught the thief, Boone. Jack breaks up the cavemen mob and takes control. He tells the others that it has been six days. They need to accept that help isn't coming: To give up their hope. They stop waiting and start living. Jack begins to organize.

Secrets... everybody's got 'em! The flashbacks this week focus on Jack. He had a less than perfect relationship with his father who was the chief of surgery at a hospital. His father advises him at a young age that he doesn't have what it takes to safe a life, so it's best to not even try. The failure will be too much to deal with. Jack's father had some secrets of his own. He left Jack's mother, which he must have done alot, but this time it's worse. He ran away to Sydney where he drank himself to death in a short amount of time. Jack went to Australlia to track down his father and bring him home. In Sydney, he found his father's fate. After signing for the body, he couldn't get the casket through customs due to a paper work error. He begs and pleads with the a airline to grant him this favor, that he just needs to get his father in the ground, to get this over with. Not until he's in the jungle does Jack discover that his father's casket made it onto the flight. When Jack examines the casket, it's empty. So is Jack's dead father walking on the island? If Locke can walk again, can the island heal and ressurect?

And the wailing and the stomping? No wailing or stomping, no freak rain storms, only wicked rip tides and walking dead.

Are we still Lost? At this point, are our castaways even alive? Are they dead? In heaven? In hell? In purgatory? In another dimenson? In a coma? Lost in a bizarre space time continuem? At this point, anything possible. Right now the story is very reminicent of The Last Battle, the final book in The Chronicles of Narnia. Read it and draw your own conclusions.


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