Friday, October 01, 2004

JFK v. W: Let's Get it Started!

(A Primetime remix of JFK v W: Let's get Retarded)

Okay, bare with the politically charged Friday morning I'm having. Don't worry, this weekend we'll get back to entertainment with DVD reviews of Mr. Show, Season 4, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and look at Sunday night's premiers of Desperate Housewives and Boston Legal.

(I'm an anti-Bush swing state registered Republican = Karl Rove's worst nightmare)

(If ever there was a drained brain among us...)

For now though, here's what I have to say about the first hour of the debate (I fell asleep around 10 p.m.)

I found myself laughing too much, when if you think about it, I should have been crying. This is it. More than a debate of a presidential candidates, it felt like an Saturday Night Live sketch of a debate between presidential candidates. Please, Will Ferrel, make a surprise appearance. You and Seth Myers just have to do the opening sketch this weekend. Please.

Back to reality... President Bush, seaming to suffer from ADD or an un-named stimulant substance, wore his beady-eyed game face in a vocabulary duel with Mr. Kerry. Kerry, the elite and intellectual, studiously and calmly took notes. It was a war of body language more than any since the make-up/no make-up decisive debate of Nixon v. JFK (the other one) back in 1960.

(JFK & W each try and woo the crowd with the patented "Clinton Thumb".)

Who won? To answer that question, I talked apprehensively to my conservative "security mom" coworkers. Personally, nothing could make me vote to re-elect President Bush. But sadly, to quote Bill Maher, Kerry was still giving off that "man in panties" vibe (I was a Dean girl). As for the watercooler consciencious, W is on the way out. The SM's in this propaganda riddled swing state (oh is it Hell) railed against the President's demeanor. One went so far to say that "I know nothing about politics and normally don't care, but that man is an idiot." She (in her early 30's) then vowed to vote for the first time in her life, against him.

While Kerry didn't really rev up my engine at all, he developed a magnetic pull with some voters, if only in the fact that Bush was pushing them away. Let's remember (Dean girl here) how strong of a closer Kerry is. After he swept the early primaries, every analyst the networks could muster kept saying how Kerry has won every election he's run in the 48 hours beforehand. I love how they all too assumed Dean had it locked up only to relay this information to us after Dean lost. Regardless, we are still a full month away, I'm praying for a Come Back Kerry.

Two things, that if I were Kerry's campaign manager, I would change for the next debate.
1. Don't say that you agree with Mr. Bush, EVER! You may share the same opinion, that's fine. Distance yourself, don't be Gore!
2. Talk to America, not Jim Lehrer. In and out of stumbling through 3 syllable vocabulary words, W ignored everyone in the room and talked to America... or that white guy in Alabama wearing a NASCAR T-shirt and drinking a Papst Blue Ribbon. Kerry talked directly to Jim, TALK TO ME MR. KERRY. I don't need that, but Joe-Undecided Schmoe down the street might find W a little more "likeable".

I can't wait for SNL or Real Time this week!

Final Thought:

Take off your panties, Mr. Kerry. Do it for America.


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