Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Of Balls and Ballots...

If God has a sense of humor, a sense of irony, a sense of poetic metaphore... this is it.

The Civil War II: Texas v. Boston

- It's more than baseball, it's more than politics, and it sure is beautiful. In these final days as President Bush, the former Texas Governor and former owner of the Texas Rangers, gears up for election day against his rival, John Kerry, an Irish Catholic Bostonian lawyer, the gloves come off. The rules of debate subside and it seams as if all civility has evaporated from the American political arena.

...but what about a game where there are rules? Strict rules. Rules are inforced and all is "fair". Last night, in the RedSox & Yanks historic showdown in the Bronx, A-Rod showed us some classic Texas character. When the going gets rough, cheat. The former Texas Ranger decided to take matters into his own hands giving the Yanks a bitter sweet run against Boston. The problem is that's against the rules.

According to Section 6.1 of the MLB Umpire Manual, "While contact may occur between a fielder and runner during a tag attempt, a runner is not allowed to use his hands or arms to commit an obviously malicious or unsportsmanlike act."

10 minutes umongst 6 umpires determined that A-Rod was out. Unfortunately, 9 justices couldn't reach the same conclusion in 2000. There are now outs in politics. If only things were so simple in Washington, D.C.

In a blood soaked uniform, Curt gets the job done.

While most would bank on a Cardinals-Yanks Show for the final game of the year... Wouldn't there at least be some beauty, some ironic destiny, in the Huston Astros and Boston RedSox slugging it out days before Bush and Kerry face the music?

Giving hope to dreams, fighting through blood and pain, proving he has what it takes to lead.

Please don't pull a Bill Buckner Mr. Kerry.


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